Why Are Order Taking Services imperative For E-commerce Businesses?

In this 21st century, no one can deny that e-commerce companies have taken the reins of the market owing to their ongoing success. There is no comparison between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses when it comes to the number of repetitive customers or sales.

With the time, order taking services have become a significant part of the e-commerce business as these help in ensuring a long-term success. For the same reason, most of the online business owners approach BPO firms to keep the current customers happy.

On the other hand, some small e-commerce companies are still unaware of the importance of order taking services.

Are you wondering why order taking services are imperative for e-commerce businesses? If yes, check out the following points:

Decrease abandoned shopping carts

Mostly e-commerce business owners avail BPO’s order taking services to put the brakes on the increasing rate of abandoned shopping carts. Sometimes online shoppers don’t make purchase decision because they want to know more about the certain features or have some product-related doubts.

Therefore, order taking call centres come into the consideration as they know how to solve customer’s queries in a jiffy. Needless to say, when you provide facility to customers to ask questions at any time from anywhere, they will surely put their trust in the business, which, in turn, leads to high-profit levels.

Increase order size

Another benefit of getting in touch with reputed order taking call centres is that they can help in lifting the average order size. Usually, online shoppers get confused regarding which product is good for them. Hence, the requirement of quick support gets increased.

For the same reason, most of the e-commerce companies join hands with BPO firms to avail the best order taking services so that customers don’t face any hassle while shopping. This aspect not only bolsters the business’s bottom line but also increases the CSAT score.

Round the clock availability

Being an owner of e-commerce business, you should know better than anyone that customers, especially millennial ones aren’t limited to any time zone when it comes to online shopping. For the same reason, you are always supposed to be available round the clock to solve product-related queries or take orders.

Well, running an in-house call centre to provide 24/7 services to customers simply means compromising the profit levels. Moreover, this aspect may distract you from the core business activities, which, leads to loss of business.

That’s why e-commerce companies usually contact a renowned order taking call centre to prevent all the unnecessary issues and deliver unparalleled 24/7 services.

Help in lead capturing

It may come as a surprise to you that how an order taking call centre can help in capturing the leads for a business. Well, the main reason behind that is most of the e-commerce companies add three different type of call-to-action (CTA) buttons that include ‘Click to call’, ‘Register to call’, and ‘Purchase to call’ to a website.

Whenever shoppers click on any of these buttons, they get a call from an agent. This aspect not only keeps the current customers happy but also draws prospect’s attention leading to an opportunity to generate more revenue. So, if you are willing to expand your e-commerce business, it is advisable for you to avail BPO firm’s unsurpassable order taking services.

Ensure a better customer experience

In this digital era, it is imperative for the e-commerce business owners to be available on multiple channels because there is a high possibility that prospects or current customers can buy products or services from different mediums rather than the company’s website.

Moreover, it is significant to render the best customer service via different modes including telephone, email, chat, etc.to enhance customer experience. For the same reason, e-commerce organizations usually make contact with the reputed order taking call centre because the former know that handling customers on different channels isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

On the other hand, order taking call centres know how to take orders on different channels without making any blunder owing to round the clock availability, vast industrial experience, latest tools, and much more.

Offer seamless order entry

Some e-commerce companies that run in-house call centre, usually commit some minor mistakes while entering order-related information such as customer’s name, shipping address, etc. This aspect not only leads to the hassle of returns but also marks a dent in the brand’s value.

To prevent order entry issues, order taking call centres usually come into the consideration as they always invest a lot of money in the automation technology to keep the human mistakes at bay. Moreover, this reduces the order processing time resulting in faster delivery.

Needless to mention, when customers get their ordered products before or on time, this aspect automatically increases the CSAT score. Hence, high-profit levels will be on the cards.

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