Who Are You BEING?

Who are you Being is everything!” – Steve Hardison

As a coach, I see countless extraordinary human beings who think of themselves poorly. Somehow someone made them feel less than at some point in their lives, and that feeling stuck with them so permanently that they could not see past it. I know that feeling. I know that voice that says you are not worthy, you are not as important, you are not enough, and you will never get where you want to be. You will never be who you want to be.

They cannot see for a minute the brilliance and the beauty they already have. Instead of experiencing life as this beautiful mystery unfolding, filled with opportunities, possibilities, and joy, they stay where they are, terrified to make a change.

Why? Because most of us don’t see life as something we create but as something given to us with many conditions and strings attached. We don’t even bother exploring what might be possible if we – god forbid – even entertain the idea of changing things. The status quo is comfortable, even if it is boring, unhappy, and limiting.

We feel unhappy in our personal lives but make excuses to stay in our marriages. We suffocate ourselves at work, sometimes experiencing bullying, mobbing, and discrimination. Some of us simply want to do something different, but we think we cannot risk losing the financial comfort we have. We live life like a frog, slowly boiled alive, unaware that we are the ones who get to choose who we are BEING!

Seriously – Who are you BEING?

Does any of this resonate with you? Because if it does, I have good news for you. You got the power, you are the creator, and life is a beautiful design that you get to manifest.

You are whatever word you choose to add after I AM!

You are brilliant.

You are gorgeous.

You are worthy.

You are capable of creating your reality every day!

You are shaping your life by choosing, every morning, what you decide to create. It is up to you to focus on what you don’t have or cherish what you have. It is up to you to carve time to BE instead of DO every day. Also, it is up to you to say today is a great day, and I am choosing to have fun!

It is just that simple! All the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and everything you have heard of in between is about that. It is about what you choose to focus on and who you choose to BE. And to practice that, slightly changing your thoughts, attitude and actions go a long way toward realizing your power to create. You always had that power. You just forgot you had it. Go ahead and reclaim it!

You are a Human BEING who can realize anything when you create enough motivation. Do not wait for that motivation to come from outside or others because if you do, you might waste your life doing that. Create it yourself. Not tomorrow, not someday! Today! Now! Because you can if you choose to. You are that powerful. Please accept your power!


Ipek Williamson
Ipek Williamson
The knowledge and wisdom, that I’ve accumulated, transformed me into; an Insight Coach, a Blogger, and an Active “Listener” with an ear for anyone who needs to be heard, passion to help, anyone, and any relationship that needs healing and improvement. Especially the relationship with ones’ self. The person that I am today is also the product of my 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant for the top managers of several companies. I am the culmination of life experiences as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and colleague. I am also an avid reader and a lifelong learner. Life takes us to places that we don’t expect to end up, but always with a purpose. Last few years, I have made my goal to make my life better, to become happier and healthier. That goal triggered a desire to learn and share anything and everything that helps to make others happy too. Life is beautiful, and we all deserve to live it to the fullest, that’s why I’m here, to touch the lives of as many people as possible, one beautiful soul at a time, and help them to become the best version of themselves

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