Where Does the N-word Derive From? And the Disturbing Perception that “acting black” is a Thing.

Self-hate does not just stop at our skin tone and facial structures and negative portrayal in music videos, it continues with the way we address one another. The N-word more specifically nigger, nigga, or negro derives from the Spanish language meaning black. There is a general belief that the word “nigger” initially meant “an ignorant person”. This interlinks with how much it is used within the black community but frowned upon when used by someone who is not black.

There are various negative connotations attached to it, its offensiveness is not new in the dictionaries. They have been making note of it for hundreds of years. When used amongst black people its intent isn’t to be derogatory. However, it plays into how we are seen in society as “ignorant” and if we keep calling ourselves ignorant (nigger) then can we expect to move forward. Lastly, we are struggling with an element that is very disturbing the perceptions of “acting black” this causes detrimental effects for both academic and social achievement. They are five specific underlining issues attached to this phrase. Firstly, it is affecting the sector of academia, secondly aesthetic, thirdly behavioral, fourthly dispositional, and lastly impressionistic. Acting black is negatively seen when talking of aesthetics.

A study suggests that there needs to be an altering for those wanting equal outcomes for black and white people in academia. Additionally, for social achievement, the “bad is black” effect seems to be showing the darker the skin the closer one is too evil deeds. It is a societal view that individuals have the tendency of perceiving darker skin as more threatening or automatically thinking one has committed an immoral act. The psychological programming that fuels this fear is systematic and the only way one advances and emancipates himself from untrue statements. Is by coming out of ignorance, educating yourself on history thus loving yourself. In order to love someone else you firstly need to love yourself.


Kevin Munga
Kevin Munga
Kevin Munga is an Activist, Author, and Public speaker. In 2017, he released his first book "Young Black Males Have Potential" which amassed significant attention and has been featured on several reputable news outlets and TV shows. Including Russia Today, The BBC, London Live, Congolese National TV RTNC, and Dutch National TV Synaps. Kevin is of Congolese descent and is the youngest from a family of three. He was born in the Northern Suburbs of Paris in a small town called Sarcelles. At the age of twenty-one, Kevin stumbled across the opportunity to be able to gain the necessary qualifications to get into university via an Access course. Kevin was able to gather the finances to pay for the course and acquired the qualifications to gain entry into West London University to study Law. During his degree, Kevin started volunteering at PRU schools and this eventually led to a path of Activism. In his second year of University, this activism translated into Kevin's first book that he wrote independently entitled 'Young Black Males Have Potential.' The book touches on the stereotypes and struggles faced by young males in the minorities and provides motivation, productive solutions, and self-help techniques in order to overcome and challenge these struggles and stereotypes. The book was released in October 2017 and slowly gained media attention. Following the release of his book, Kevin has been invited to several news and television outlets. Including Russia Today, The BBC, London Live, RTNC (National Congolese Television), and Synaps (National Dutch Television). He has also been invited and had the opportunity to meet with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott. In conjunction with the book, Kevin began receiving requests from schools, colleges, and financial institutions to speak about his personal experiences. He has taken on a successful path of motivational public speaking with his most recent appearance being at HM Prison Wandsworth. Kevin recently signed a publishing deal with Austin Macauley Publishers. Now an Activist, Author, Law graduate, and Public speaker. Kevin aims to continue defying the odds and often states the following: "I am trying to challenge the ideology that in order to be somebody where I am from, you need road status. Or that the only way young black males make it where I am from, is if they know how to kick a ball or write lyrics.”

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