When You Are Too Tired to Exercise

What is the deeper meaning? Although the choice may seem unconscious like “I don’t feel like it today”. I invite you to think again and be both conscious and honest with that choice.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses for the essential cells in our bodies. When I was mapping out the acronym for D.E.T.A.C.H.M.E.N.T., I wanted to be very specific about the meaning of the word as a whole and metaphorically. Therefore, when it came to M, I had to choose just the right word. I could have easily chosen muscle memory but emotions are so much deeper than we currently comprehend. That’s why I chose the word mitochondria and the many biology lessons.

The way they work in the body is to generate power by converting energy into forms that are usable by that specific cell. In the fluid part of our cells, the mitochondria create fuel from the foods we eat to help our bodies grow and detoxify. Structurally they are oblong and have a double membrane.

Mitochondria are found in abundance in muscle, fat, and liver cells to provide the energy required for specific and vital activities.

This is a very important point to understand because these are the places in the body that take the brunt of our emotional trauma. That matters because they also have their own DNA and create their own proteins however unlike regular DNA is not self-repairing.

So what does that mean?

When you experience unresolved emotional issues for an extended period of time, it depletes the mitochondria’s abilities to get the fuel from your food to give each muscle (think movement and energy), liver (think detoxification system shut down), fat (think excessive storage) cells the power to function normally. That causes irreparable damage. The process of decline begins before the age of 20 and by the time it’s noticeable severe decline is already happening. It appears with blood pressure and cardiovascular issues and lethargy in exercise routines and can lead to dementia and death.

Let me include a disclaimer here that I’m not recommending you are headed for dementia, high blood pressure or any other severe disease. However, I am inviting you to pay attention to your choices and behavior patterns when it comes to taking care of yourself. Is it possible that on a cellular level you are actually powering down?

So think again when you say that you don’t want to exercise or don’t have the energy to exercise. What is the deeper meaning? Although the choice may seem unconscious like “I don’t feel like it today”. I invite you to think again and be both conscious and honest with that choice. Ask the curious questions:

  • Have you had an emotionally draining week? Day?
  • What is your pattern surrounding your decision to not exercise or not do something good for your body?

These are all rhetorical questions however if you are inspired to please comment below or send me an email with your reflections.


Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar is the Emotions Opener Transformation Strategist guiding female wealth strategists with leaning into difficult emotions so they can show up powerfully. After leaving her corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, she emerged as an author sharing how to self-nurture and began coaching women in her community, deepened her craft with continuing research and study in nutrition, fitness, spiritual practices, and overall emotional wellness. She guides women on the road map to being free to release, restructure, refresh and rebirth with her Replenish Me Program. In 2019, she won the Powerhouse Global Award for Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK and Volunteer of the Year by ACHI magazine. As a best-selling co-author of America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey, Malika Chopra, and several other dynamic women, she will soon release her latest book surrounding case studies and research on emotional mastery. She has also recently been selected Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD and Director for the USA chapter.

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  1. Welcome, Cordelia, to a fabulous community! As you probably already know, you will find it to be supportive and uplifting. Thank you for your thoughtful essay. Your mention of the mitochondria hearkens me back to my high school and college anatomy and physiology classes. One cannot overstate the connection of mind and body even at the cellular level. I appreciate the reminder.💖

    • Thank you for the warm welcome Darlene! Yes, I’m noticing how supportive this community truly is:) Actually, I chose to use that word because of my Essentrics practice and study. This type of exercise actives the mitochondria.

  2. What a useful, meaningful and wonderful essay, Cordelia! I love the mitochondria-I loved cell biology in school and learning about the systems of the human body. I find this content utterly fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

    You may also know about ACES-Adverse Childhood Experiences research. One of the major findings of this research about traumas -developmental traumas-is that as adults we are more at risk for physical health challenges -especially if the traumas have not been given an opportunity to resolve themselves through the body and nervous system (through many modalities-which many of them involve movement-like how a deer shakes after being frozen in the headlights. Their bodies literally shake. How important to engage body movement every single day to release emotional content and literal toxins from our bodies. Resolving trauma is extremely beneficial to physical health (let alone emotional, mental, relational, spiritual health) When we feel better, we often make better choices in all domains of our lives!

    I love to run, bike, swim, dance and do yoga. This morning I power walked because I strained a muscle on my right side related to all the muscles of most likely the IT band (different than a rock and roll band 🙂 ). Grateful to be able to do other kinds of movements until this finally heals completely!

    Welcome to the BizCatalyst360 community of wonderful people! What a joy to have you on board!!

    • Laura, I am very aware of ACES and integrate my research related to it with my Release step of my four step Replenish Me program. Guiding women through finding opportunities in difficult emotions sometimes leads us back to unresolved childhood trauma which has cemented itself in ongoing choices and habits.

      In this article, I am simply touching on being aware of choices so that you can choose differently or choose to get help if needed.

      I’m quite familiar with IT band issues as 3 of my six children have played travel soccer:) Happy that you have found joy in so many types of exercise and movement. I like Essentrics, African dance, weight-training and hiking…especially hiking.

      Lastly, thank you for the warm welcome!