When Wrapping Is Ugly

It amazes me how our immediate reactions to bad events might change over time to discover that those bad events were our fortunate ones.

Charlotte Wittenkamp expressed this fact wonderfully. She commented recently on one of my posts by writing; “Learning is a gift that often comes in ugly wrapping”. She went on to say, “When they (events) happened they were bad, and only later have I been able to redefine them as good.”

We might react in anger or in despair today to certain events but in the future, we find that, the same events that we hated turned out as crossroad points to change our lives for the better.

As bad as the Covid- 19 virus is with its events coming in ugly wrappings, we learnt a lot from them. We learnt the value of spending more time with the family and savings from transport costs, eating healthy food at home, and developing new skills.

There is no darkness without light. Similarly, there are no bad events without any positive learning.

I say that whenever you face a bad event remember to dig for the hidden positives that event brings. This shall help you in improving your attitude toward bad events instead of burning you. This affects your future life and makes you a better person. You turn the ugly package into a beautiful one.

I read a recent post by Fatima Williams in which she gave an example of bad experiences that many of us faced and by working under the supervision of inhuman managers. She wrote, “You have experience so go out and NOT be like your Boss. But BE HUMAN. HELP PEOPLE. THRIVE ON KINDNESS!”

Is there a better gift than being a superhuman because you experienced the evil of wrongdoings of bosses? The wrapping might be ugly, but the content and the lessons learned can be life-guiding lessons.

The challenge is not to be a bad boss because you worked for one or more of them. The challenge is to remove the ugly package and package you with being very kind to others.

When you lose something always, remember also, what you gained. If you dwell on your loss, you lose the opportunity of elevating yourself to be a better person. Always remember to find the bright side of a dark event or experience. This is what shall enrich your life and make it meaningful.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Dear Ali,

    Such words of wisdom. Indeed looking at a sad, dark event and realising that has it not been experienced, a wonderful situation Would never have happened. A key factor is maintain positivity however challenging at the time. Thank you Ali

    • Dear Simon, what a gracious comment yours is! Not only beautifully written, but also summarizes the idea of the post pretty well. Thank you my friend.

  2. Admire. Well made point that even ugly wrapping may have good into it .

    My thinking : Daily on BF table having peeled the fruits like banana or orange , the peels become waste and kept segregated . the important function that the peels delivered the Q fruits, preserving against the adversaries . Secondly while buying we select the fruit based on Peel quality . ( recall your post on fruit vendor with no customer)

    Post made me think

    • Great thought Vinod Dahake. You know that some fruits have more than 90% of their nutrients in the peel that we throw away as waste.
      Fallen tree leaves become source of fertilizer for growing plants.

  3. Wonderfully said Charlotte. We can control what we perceive in our consciousness, essentially the gatekeeper of information. How we ultimately perceive the world, turn the ugly package to identify our true gifts and the person we want to be. Thank you Dr Anani for putting together this thoughtful post.

    • I am the one to thank you Charlotte for your inspiration along with Fatima Williams.
      Yes, day may unfold bad events to good ones. Days are revealing.