When we Heal , We need to Share so Others can be Helped

I read the “Purpose Driven Life” Do we keep it inside? We are here to help others so we help. I am going to talk about not being able to walk. How does this happen at 50? You see it commonly in 80-year-olds, but not commonly in 40, 50, or 60-year-olds. How did it happen to me?

#1. I found out I was eating too much food, I thought I needed it, and I thought I needed more! I thought why was I hungry all the time if I didn’t need it?

#2.  I was eating foods that inflamed my body. Now, are symptoms of arthritis really eating inflammatory foods? I could not bend over to tie my shoes. I couldn’t put on my pants and I had trouble walking up and down stairs. I couldn’t stand to cook. and I couldn’t turn my head to see oncoming traffic.

So what did I do? I started with a book, and I started eliminating the things that didn’t work. I still wasn’t “there” after a time, and I found a test that told me I needed more of a certain nutrient to just feel well. When I started adding it, I started feeling better. Unfortunately, I was still encountering bouts of pain and not being able to walk.

It could be psychological, my husband works through it. He works anyway, though he has pain. I couldn’t do it. I had too much pain. So, how did I get rid of my pain?

First I removed my inflammatory foods, and for me, it was wheat and tomatoes. For my blood type B friends, it is more like chicken. So different foods impact different people differently.

This is why I started a course, you deserve to have the steps that guide you to your best health, which is about where I started. You deserve to start to get to where you want.

Things changed from 45–70 and I have a process for this too. We lose muscle mass as we age, and our digestion gets overloaded. We use a test to determine our best foods. It worked for me, it worked for my friend in Mexico (I met her on Facebook) it works for many people. Learning how to remove your trigger foods, can help you eat more efficiently.

By joining Facebook blood type groups, I have learned what they say and do. Working with my Medical Technology and Microbiology friend, I have information on what and how she worked through this process.

I have partnered with Dr. Ben Lynch and learned why he does what he does, and I love his test. It enabled me to learn from Elizma Lambert why this works, and why everyone needs to know.

You deserve to learn, because, I healed my gums and my dentist wanted to know how… I helped my 80-year-old friend lose 115 pounds, and she cured her diverticulosis and sleeps better. Up from 5-6 hours to 7–8 hours.

You can heal, I healed my whole body, (I have the Lou Gehrig’s gene.) If you are suffering and want to feel fit at any age, let’s talk.


Kristi Tornabene
Kristi Tornabene
As an aging health coach, I entered menopause and started here. There were some changes as I lost energy, gained pain, and subsequently improved digestion. Digestion came to a slow stop, and to get it going again, I discovered that our best proteins, and nutrient-dense vegetables, plus a little bit of olive oil or ghee help us feel full and can cut hunger. There may come a time when you are hungry a lot. Supplying your necessary nutrients will help you feel less hungry and will keep your metabolic processes running efficiently. Helping you maintain your best weight and optimum health. How do I know this at my age? My husband is 84 and is not eating nutrient-dense vegetables and has dirtied his genes. This causes aging. I have the same gene which caused pain for my grandma and her son, my father. I discovered early how this dirty gene can cause problems because I was born with a dirty gene. I have answers for remedying pain and overcoming IBS and keeping my energy because I worked to eliminate these issues in my body so I could feel fit at the age of 68. I became a Medical Technologist and Microbiologist which taught me how a hospital tests for diseases, and what happens when electrolytes are out of balance. I found some doctors that explained why disease can happen. I developed recipes to overcome and supply nutrients. I help people feel fit at any age.

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  1. Kristie, thank you for this article well written because so many can heal in many ways when we who have been healed are willing to help. Having gone through Hodgkins Lymphoma, I have been able to walk many through this disease simply offering what helped me in hopes it would help others and it has. Thank you