When We Feel Disillusioned: What’s Really Going On?

And just perfect.

This confusion isn’t a sign that you’ve got life wrong. It in no way reflects your abilities or worth on this planet. It definitely doesn’t predict your ability to move forward from here. The confusion is a lovely loud invitation from life to remember who you really are. You’ve probably had quieter invitations for a while now but, when we don’t listen, they just get louder until we do. Perfect.

So now, in the confusion of disillusionment, you get the chance to turn around from the outer path and explore within. To remember who you really are, to see through the imagined limitations, to see that the rules were never rules they were just ideas. The more you know who you really are, before thoughts and ideas, the more grounded, secure, and happy you feel within. The more grounded, secure, and happy you feel within the more your reality responds to that and starts to show you the kind of life you’d always imagined could be possible.

Now, from here, with imagined limits dissolved, you can do anything and everything — which includes activities beyond your wildest dreams and it includes continuing with the life you already had, it’s just that now this life is seen from a whole new perspective with nothing to change in any of it.

So what now?

Get curious.

Start to raise awareness to where you’re clinging or resisting. What looks like you really need it in order to be OK? What looks like you really don’t want it in order to be OK? This is happening from an application of limiting rules.

Start to notice what repeating patterns have shown up over the years. Have there always been incapable people? Have there always been needy people? Have there always been judgemental people? Has there always been more work to do or more learning to get a certificate for? Has there always been the next thing to buy? This is happening to reflect back your own confusion and wake you up to the inside-looking path..

Start to notice when you’ve felt the limitless potential that you are. When you’ve felt on fire with possibility. When you’ve achieved beyond what you thought was ever possible. When you’ve felt joy and freedom and a deep sense of OK-ness. This is happening because this is who you really are prior to ideas of limits, and available the moment those ideas drop away.

With love, Helen


Helen Amery
Helen Amery
I guide others in their awakening and enlightenment. After my own journey through corporate HR, then psychology-based coaching, I realised there was something more fundamental going on. It opened the door to something I never thought I'd have in my life - a spiritual understanding. It led me to the recognition of who I really am - who we all really are - awakening. And to how we can experience life in a much easier, more light-hearted way - enlightenment. My passion now is to bring that to more people with a practical, 'normal' person approach. Find out more at, and buy The Complete Book of Awakening on Amazon. You can find out more about the book at

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  1. This is a real good read. And there is also a lot one can agree with.
    Disappointments cannot be avoided, they displace and jeopardize our balance, but we can defend ourselves. And they can even be turned into a springboard to new challenges and opportunities. The secret is to know yourself well, not to cultivate disproportionate expectations and never stop safeguarding your self-esteem. But also in “not closing oneself to desire” while maintaining the desire to do and move forward.

    • Hi Aldo, lovely to hear from you as always. I’d counter the idea that disappointments jeopardize our balance. In my experience they are gifts to show us what we’re resisting in ourselves and, in the integration of that, we actually find our balance and defences are no longer needed – just response to what’s here.

  2. Thank you Helen,
    Great share, love the share to stop for a moment to check if things are really okay, or not!
    The point’s you share in the last moment on the “how-question” just superb.
    We humans are so good in thinking what is wrong, but the way towards solutions is a whole new dimension.
    That’s why I love it, when people add the part of the solutions, the “how?”, it’s not always easy to sort out that.
    Your inspiring share also contains the beautiful message of :
    It is never to late to live another DREAM….!
    Thank you.

    • Thank you Ineke for your lovely words. We really are so capable of the how we each need – we’ve just lost touch with knowing it, hearing it or trusting it.