What’s The Single Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Ever Been Given?

Whether it be personal or professional, we’re all faced with situations over our lifetime where we either seek the wisdom of others or are perhaps the recipient of unsolicited, albeit sound advice. Without question, the best advice I’ve ever been given (and have embraced with considerable success) was “always do the right thing, no matter what the situation, personal or professional, and even when no one is watching” While doing the “right thing” certainly hasn’t always been the “easiest thing,” it has paid remarkable dividends over the years.
Most of us have found ourselves in the delicate position of needing a few pearls of wisdom. Whether the advice comes from your family and friends or someone completely unexpected, the words that truly resonate with you are ones that will continue to guide you for years to come.
The best advice could be an oft-repeated cliché (“You don’t fail until you stop trying.”), yet one that still resonates with you. Or it could be something more paternal, like “you only get what you settle for.” The path to happiness or success isn’t always straight. There are often bumps and turns and forks in the road. But a little bit of wisdom shared or guidance can help you find your way.

Have you ever heard a piece of advice or nugget of wisdom that was particularly impactful and stuck with you for a long time? And what impact has this had on your life and career? Share your wisdom below!


Dennis Pitocco
Dennis Pitocco
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  1. Oh advice…so much and so varied. It seems everyone has something to say about everything.

    The advice that isn’t always given, was the advice that I had trouble finding… to know my own value and believe in me. Sometimes it takes years for us to see that advice was just other people’s experience…and that they were also passing on wisdom. Trying to help and add their value.
    The best advice was to me was the advice that was communicated in way that helped me discover that very value in me. In my own experience..I’d say that when I did not understand why things were as they were…I was told that fear freezes you… this stays with me constantly..for in fear I was not living. Now it’s all about letting go of that fear of letting go.

    Great conversation piece Dennis. Thanks… still thinking about it

  2. There are so many over the years but one that jumps out from the memory banks as a young adult navigating people pleasing and virtually no boundaries was an affirmation “I am powerful and loving. I am powerful and loved”. Learning that being loving did not mean saying yes all the time and losing myself. And that being strong and having my opinions did not make me unlovable. It was huge for ne 💗

  3. Yes Dennis , do the right thing is a great piece of advice. I think for me the best piece of advice is to be true to oneself. I think in this age os technology and Social Media we can forget that and listen outwardly rather than going within.

  4. I don’t know if I can think of one single advice that stands out because some were biblical, while others were secular, but together they framed who I am today. They came from my parents, teachers and older folks when I was younger. The reminders to be careful of whom I associated with helped when I was growing up and even into my older years. Biblical: “Bad associations spoil useful habits” 1Corinthians 15:33 and “Show me your company and I will tell who you are.”

  5. I used to complain to my god-mother all the time how everyone treated me like a doormat and didn’t respect me. She simply replied, “Baby, people will only treat you the way you allow them to.” Bye, bye doormat. Wonderful article Dennis!

  6. The best advice I’ve gotten were from likely sources.

    (1) The support staff that do janitorial, maintenance, and safety told me the importance to self-promote and remind others just how bad things will get if I wasn’t there doing my job.

    (2) The administration people and what they said about filing and information retrieval was pinnacle to how I do anything I do today regarding business planning, data, and information.

    (3) An ex-CEO I rode with on the bus saying I have to look from end to end then past than when doing planning of any kind.

  7. Ken is right. To the eyes of wise men, life transforms black and white “images” into technicolor… There are unnumerable nuances… Anyway… best piece of advice I’ve ever been given? Find the truth of Yourself. Thank you Dennis.

  8. Doing the right thing is certainly high on the list of good advice. However, identifying the “right” thing isn’t always a clear cut path, nor is acting out that course. Sometimes the right thing is in the eye of the beholder. What is deemed right in the view of one may not be so with another.

    A piece of good advice I once received is to not view everything as black or white. Many situations are varying shades of grey. When we label some course of action or some condition as good/bad, right/wrong or many others it is always based on a pre-determined standard.