What You Will Find at a Fair

Finding a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy can be a difficult task. Each person has their likes and preferences for what they want to do. One place that can make almost any person happy, and has just about a little of everything, is a fair. Whether a local, state or county fair, it is one of the best places for anyone to attend. Here are five things you will see at your next fair.


The food found within a fair is one of the top driving forces behind many of its visitors. Numerous different cuisines can be found inside the fairgrounds. Depending on location, you will find a variety of favorited and claim to fame specialties. All of them, however, are known for their fried foods. Rest assured, you will find a vendor somewhere inside who is frying up some of the craziest foods. Nationwide favorites are Oreos, candy bars, and pickles. Always be on the lookout for something new though.


Trade Show Booths are one of the most popular things about a fair. You never know what kind of trinkets and surprises you’ll find. Tents will be positioned throughout the grounds, allowing you to walk and shop. Some will be mainly educational, while others are filled with toys and games. You may fond local shops who make their own products, giving you the opportunity to learn about your local businesses. It is a great way to experience a variety of home goods all at once.


Fairs are not just for grown-ups. Kids will find multiple things that are age-appropriate for them. Whether it’s shopping for a cool new toy or entering all the fun giveaways. Most grounds will have a whole section set up for kids and teens. There may be coloring stations, face painting booths, or craft tables. Large fairs will also have different game tents for them to enjoy as well. Different thrill level rides can usually be found on the fairgrounds too.


A proper fair would not be complete without an animal section. Some will have competitions to see whose livestock is the largest. There will be local county programs asking you to help preserve the endangered species. Some may just be there to teach you the ways of a farm or ranch. Oftentimes visitors, especially young children, are invited to pet the different animals that are brought. Pony rides are also a common thing to experience here.


Music is a staple at any fair. Live music is constantly being played throughout the day in either a large tent or pavilion that can be found in a primary location. Local groups and stars will perform, as well as school choirs and different church ensembles. If it is a popular fair, some nationwide singing stars can be found playing concerts there at night. No matter the size, singing old and new songs with scores of other people can be one of the best highlights of your fair experience.

Fairs are a great outing for any sized group, family, or date night. They offer so much, that it is almost impossible for someone not to have fun when they attend one.

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