What You Need To Know About Virtual Event Platforms

Technology is always moving forward. It helps make your personal and professional lives simpler, but it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with advances. One area that regularly grows is virtually connecting. Have you heard of virtual event platforms? No matter what your level of knowledge, there’s always an opportunity to learn more. They might just be the next big thing you integrate into your business.

What Is a Virtual Event Platform?

virtual event platform is a software that allows users to easily host interactive online events. You can design the platform to fit your needs and aesthetics. Then you invite guests. It’s a step up from video calls because your event can include features like agendas, presentations, chat rooms, learning modules, sponsor booths, and more.

What Is a Platform’s Use?

The sky is the limit when it comes to the uses of a virtual platform. The three main varieties of virtual events are conferences, webinars, and hybrid. Some of the more popular applications include training, marketing, sales, and recruitment.

How Many People May Attend an Event?

You can have as many attendees as you would like. Whether you’re hosting a private event for your small office or thousands of people from around the world, a virtual event can accommodate your audience. You should have a rough idea of your guest count before selecting your platform, though. You may have to upgrade to a more advanced plan if you expect a large turnout.

What Features Are Important?

There are a few key features you should look for when selecting a platform to host your virtual event. The best platforms are highly customizable yet automated. You should be able to select features that suit your goals as well as brand the event. However, the more the system can do for you, the more time and money you will save.  Your event will be more successful if your attendees can stay engaged. Ideally, they should have features like live chats, question and answer sessions, and live polls.

What Are the Benefits?

Virtual event platforms are growing in popularity due to their benefits. A top perk is the expanded inclusivity of your audience. Guests that may miss a live event due to mobility issues, financial concerns, busy schedules, or travel restrictions can attend from the comfort of their homes. Virtual events are logistically more straightforward to plan, so they can also save time and money for the host. Virtual events are never limited to a specific time or location. You can run them for as many days as you like without the risk of unexpected cancelations.

How Much Do Platforms Cost?

There is a wide range of costs depending on your needs. In general, online platforms are approximately 75% more affordable than live gatherings. Most hosts have different tiers to choose from. The bottom tier may have a free trial, while higher tiers can reach upwards of $30,000 per event.

There is a reason virtual event platforms continue to grow. If you have an upcoming event, make it a success by hosting it online.

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