What Would You Tell Your Childhood Self if You Could Do it All Over Again?

If like me you had a challenging childhood and often dreamed of an easier way, then I’m sure there are many things you could say to that little child within.

Perhaps you would offer words of comfort and encouragement that were absent at the time.

Maybe you would tell her, that her strength and grace will shine through one day. Or would you dare tell her that it’s all part of a perfect plan, and without the tough lessons she wouldn’t be where she is today?

As I ponder this question, there are so many things I could say, but most of all I want to tell her that one day she will find her voice, and her story will be an inspiration to many, for when we share our stories we open our hearts to the beauty that is life itself.  Not a life of suffering that she bought into, but a life of abundance and joy that is hers to have. And I would tell her that abundance will come in many ways. Through gifts of friendship and romantic love, through being a mother and wife, and from many magical moments that she will remember forever.

I would tell her that her story will fill the pages of 3 books, and she will cry a thousand tears into those pages, until one day there are no more tears to shed, and in the stillness of that moment she will open her heart and find a new way of being. And from those words that she poured her soul into, she will find these 10 sentences to live by.

Embody these my darling, and know you are love.

  1. Sit in silence and hear the sound of your soul, listen to the one who is in control.
  2. Let your heart be your guide, the wisdom of the universe is inside.
  3. Be the best that you can be, for its only in the moment that we truly see.
  4. I am outside looking in, life is an illusion there is no sin.
  5. You are a ripple in the universe, creating each moment for better or worse.
  6. Our purpose on Earth is to love without remorse and to bring this wisdom back to source.
  7. Hidden behind the stories we tell, is a magical love and it’s under your spell.
  8. The alchemy of suffering is not what it seems, it’s an invitation to step into the heart and live your dreams
  9. There is no right or wrong, love is the essence in every song.
  10. Truth cannot be known, it is ever-changing and not ours to own.


Dee Delaney
Dee Delaney
Dee Delaney is a mother, writer, yogi, and lover of coffee. She worked at the BBC for 14 years, before giving it all to live in India where she now writes full time. Through her books, she explores a variety of themes ranging from love, loss, healing, relationships and our connection to the divine and each other. Writing has healed her heart and transformed her life and Dee shares some of this magic through her work in the trilogy The Truth Within. ◆ Book One: The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side takes the reader through the chakra system and into the feeling heart, where the true self resides. ◆ Book Two: The Truth – Is the Art of Being, is a journey through the death realms and teaches the reader how to tame the thinking mind. ◆ Book Three: The Truth - Within the Heart of Love is the story of union between heart and mind and teaches the reader how to live in union with the divine. Dee lives and breathes this work, and the amazing true stories and experiences she writes about have taken her on a quest across India to discover the fascinating truth about who she is and her life’s purpose. Her mission is to help people find the way back to their hearts, and to their own authentic Truth Within. Now is the time to let go of the stories and fear that have kept our hearts in chains and to rewrite a new chapter for ourselves and humanity. For regular updates, be sure to follow Dee on Instagram and Facebook @deedelaney01

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  1. Dee! This is so beautiful!
    I often muse at my “little me” inside. It’s funny how when we were young and innocent it was so enlightening and tru…and then life in all its adversities teMpts you in a negative way…the devil so to speak, is after its prey, and will stop for nothing to corrupt what is good,
    . The child within; the “Un-Condemnable” I call love in the purist form.
    It’s a helpful way to survive if we just keep them alive.
    Thank you so much!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you Paula for your thoughtful words. We all have the purest spark of divine within, and I truly feel humanity is collectively reconnecting to that spark at this time in our evolution – even though it might not seem like it just now. sending you love

    • That’s beautiful Darlene , and I feel gratitude is the key to it all. Finding gratitude for the tough times s well as the goos is a master key in life .

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