What Would People Say at Your Funeral?

I was scared to believe I deserved such greatness, happiness, and successes in my life.

The unknown is a very scary place. So, we cling to fear, we cling to our guilt, we cling to our sadness. We would rather hold on to that than take a chance and possibility. When we are living in fear, we are living in resentment, when are living in anger and impatience, the heart beats very incoherently.

(Dr. Joe Dispenza)

But when a person starts to feel more coherent, with an elevated purpose and emotion. The heart starts getting very orderly and very rhythmic, and it sends a very strong signal to the brain and allows us to start to relax.

I started pursuing this path in the last few years. Inspired by my fellow writers from the writing world.

Never underestimate the power your word can have on people!

I worked on removing all my limiting beliefs while being employed in a full-time job.

I started to change my biology of living in the past present reality to living in a future and future present reality. And when we move into that future present reality, we are a new state of being.

I started manifesting talents and abilities to impact my own life first.

I changed my emotional state from fear to gratitude.

I had to become nobody to become my future self. I had to want nothing. I had to go to that place where I could remove the old self that kept me from shining brighter than I wanted to.

But it was hard trying to change years of habits, behaviors, and thoughts and of course, the people I surrounded myself with.

I worked on it every day. Every thought. Every action. Monitored every result.

I was raised by good parents who had good values and ensured that I got a great education, and I lessened their burden by studying well and getting scholarships. They were hard workers and they showed me how to value hard work. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all the love and sacrifices they made to make me who I am today.

They showed me what a good marriage is and is not. My father had a great job and was a generous man until he lost all the money his savings on medical treatments when he had his stroke which made him unemployed for 10 years before he passed.

During those years I was running after the money, a corporate job with a decent salary that made ends meet. Never thinking outside the box. One day he called me to his room and started the conversation asking if I had any marriage plans. He told me about his mistakes, his pitfalls, and where and how I can avoid failing in my life. He regretted not living up to his full potential and cautioned me against it. I was in my 20s and of course, I thought he is old and was crazy to say such things when I had a job and was doing exactly what 95% of the population was doing at the time. I was more concerned with the date I had that evening, or the Netflix show I was watching later that evening!

A week later he died. My world turned upside down. He showed me on his funeral day that even if we do not have large sums of money, we can impact the lives of people and be remembered long after we are dead and gone. The goodbye queue was till the end of our street. The church was full of people I had never met!

My mother’s innocence taught me how we must expand our knowledge and how to understand people who are like her. She taught me how to be responsible to our family and duties. My first love in life was teaching and I chose this journey because of my school principal sister whom I talked about earlier, Sr. Rose Daphne, who was an exemplary example of impacting a 12-year-old life.  The advice she gave me, was the advice of my life that would go on to manifest itself 15 years later.

By junior year I was already acting like a teacher. And decided with the persuasion from family and friends to study teachers training and become like my principal. I had developed a passion for something else at that time. However, I was not able to pursue it as life had other plans for me when my father had a stroke. And this changed my direction in life. I was no longer following my passion to teach, but I was following my need to earn money, make money and provide.

I was like 95% of people out there and remained like that until a few years ago.

During the pandemic, I lost loved ones, and this was my third brush with death.

The pandemic taught me things I already knew. But I was denying all the voices in my head. The one that told me to stop wasting time and start livings and doing things that truly mattered to me.

Was I to wait for another crisis or trauma or disease or diagnosis or loss to finally make up my mind to change my messages? Why wait? When we can learn and change and state of pain and suffering, or we can learn and change and state of joy and inspiration.

Even though I was earning money and providing value and my services to people, I wasn’t fully happy.  Even though I was impacting people and many lives I refused to give credit to myself.   I realized I was playing the blame game. I had to take responsibility for my thoughts, word, and actions

I had to let go of that person that compared myself to everyone and everything else.

My true desire was to help people realize their true potential as my principal did.

I’ve realized I was indeed coaching people all through my career during the last 11 years.

I had in fact used my coaching skills from day 1 of my career to teach & show people to their greatness and did in fact get other people to succeed.

Even though I had a successful career I failed at doing what truly mattered to me all those years. I woke up from the victim’s dream I’d been having.

Every waking moment and every intentional experience awakened my infinite potential within. The world is hard and cruel only to those who let it be so. And I let it be so.

Yes, some of us are forced into situations but always have a way out. Look for the true north. What brings one true north! True north is where we can be ourselves, shine brightly and use our talents to the fullest 💜 True north directs our path and pulls us forward.

Some of us need someone to guide us and make us aware. Some of us find it on our own through various life experiences. To those who play the blame game, the grass will be greener on the other side always. The valuable friendships I had the honor to make in my life often remind me, that every experience happens for us and not to us. Why should we play a part in that role (the blame game) when we can experience life in the now, by living to our fullest? We get lost in our true self, our talents, and our abilities if we are scared! Where can we be ourselves, shine brightly and use our talents with our fear of success or failure? Success or failure is not the goal the rewarding experience that will get us to where we want to must be the focus in life!

I remembered my purpose and passion and the words my father told me a few days before he passed away.

“Never stop going after what truly makes me happy.”

I started to coach myself every day. I used all my life savings and started to invest in many coaching and training programs.

I didn’t realize at the time, that these desires had since I was 12 years old would be the fuel that prepared me for my life mission to serve people. But before I could serve them and help a larger audience, I had to experience the highest, highs, and the lowest lows.

So that I would have empathy, and understanding when I was able & ready to serve them. During the last 12 years, I worked in multiple companies and gained so much life experience, joys, and pains in each step of the journey. And when I was finally given a chance to serve people I did so to the best of my abilities

I become the rudder to help people achieve their passion in life. I continued to serve people until the day that I died.

During my life, I was able to see the ripple effect my words had on so many people, this experience of helping people was the most fulfilling part of my life’s journey.

I was able to use the skills, resources, and networks I built and gained over the years to bring people closer to their career goals and passion in life and to live their life to the fullest. I started helping multiple charities that aligned with my beliefs and values.

I’m also proud that I was able to love people that didn’t believe the same things I did, which is hard to do at first. But as I grew older, I was able to see that each person is a child of God like me. Each on their own journey like me trying their best in their given circumstances. I learned to love them for the values that we shared as children of God and not judge those that did not share common values.


Fatima Williams
Fatima Williams
Fatima Williams is a Career Strategist (Purpose-Driven), a Recruitment Operations Manager, and a Career Coach. She is a Certified CIPD HR professional with more than a decade of experience in the industry and has worked as a Senior Global Human Resources Lead to provide steady Leadership & Top Talent for corporations located within challenging regions in the Middle East & India. Her expertise in global recruitment has helped source world-class talent to grow businesses, and the knowledge-based development programs she innovates, develops the competence of that talent. She brings the human touch to the learning process. Her passion is to help create a purpose-driven world around her. She loves to write to inspire people to believe in themselves and shares her experiences to enhance confidence and motivate. She helps people recognize and embrace their true potential and believe in themselves. A more human workplace and world is something she dreams of! "For we do not grow alone we use the immediate surrounding and the people around us to grow and shine. And when we shine, we shed light enabling others to see a well-defined path" —Fatima Williams

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