What World Lies Beyond The Rainbow?

It was a typical sunshine-filled Summer day in Suburbia, USA. The bees were busy flying back and fro from flower to flower as they collected pollen and nectar for their young ones. You can see them from the slightly frosted bay window that highlighted the living room. The stunning red velvet curtains stood at attention as there was no order (wind) for them commence their dance. Looking further into the living room of this majestic colonial style we see plants glowing with green. Their leaves resemble wings as it appears they are ready to take flight.

Inside, dad sits on his favorite black leather reclining chair that is parked by the computer desk studiously studying stock market trends and alike as forecasted by the online version of the Wall Street Journal. Dad’s Sunday ritual was to connect with his investments to see how they are performing as well as contemplating should he buy or sell. Decisions decisions. Dad’s life was chockfull of decisions only he could make.

The front door that led from the wraparound porch into the interior of the house flung open with gusto. A young boy appears in front of his father covered in mud from head-first slides into whatever base he was running to or the result of diving lunging catches to make sure the ball enters into his glove while the boy squeezes it so tightly an impression of the ball is made on his hand.

With an ear to hear smile the boy walks up to his father while pounding his gray stitched softball into his glove to inquire what he was doing. In an innocent quizzical voice, the boy threw his father into a headspin as he so sweetly asked his father, “ dad, where do babies come from and how are they made?” In a flash, the gold-plated goblet that was filled with Rashi Light Red Concord Wine which was dad’s favorite wine was sent clear across the room as dad had knocked it off the desk choking on a mouthful of wine when he realized what the young lad had just asked him.

Well, said dad no longer choking from the huge gulp of wine he just took. Before dad sent his tongue into motion he pondered as to how to best answer his son’s question. He sat there in his chair practically motionless while he stuttered and stammered out his escape line which was  “ go ask your mother she knows about these things.”  Somewhat disappointed with his father ’s non-answer he trudged away shuffling his feet from his father while he hung his head leaning it on his bony shoulders.

Mom (Esther) was at her customary Sunday Weight Watchers Meeting attentively listening to the lecturer going over the new plan that had just been released. Ever so enthusiastically mom pulled out her credit card to purchase the book, a new food, scale plus a video CD which would accompany her daily logbook that contained her diet plan. Mom was somewhat dejected when the scale she stepped on in her bare stocking feet revealed she had gained three pounds from the prior week. At the conclusion of the meeting meekly walked up to the lecture for guidance as what she did wrong. The lectured smiled her knowing sympathetic smile as she tried to soothe mom’s deep sense of disappointment by reassuring her that these happen from time to time. She went on to tell Esther “don’t worry you’ll do better next week. Before you know it you will be at your target weight and you will look GREAT! Your husband will be left speechless by the sheer beauty of your new look he will sweep you off your feet and carry you over the threshold into your bedroom just as he did the night of your honeymoon.”

Just as mom stepped out the door the ominous gray clouds erupted with a drenching rain that was accompanied by cracks of thunder immediately followed by streaks of lightning. Mom rushed into her car and hastily put the retractable roof down. While she drove home the sun overtook the clouds that held steadfast in the sky. Right before her eyes was a brilliantly colored rainbow in the shape of an arch that every color in it with sun actively adding its own reflective dazzle. “WOW, Esther screeched out I have never seen a more beautiful rainbow. I have always wondered what is beyond the rainbow. I can’t wait to get home to show Moishe and our son Dovid the incredible sight I had just seen.”

Before Esther could get over to her beloved husband to embrace him with a hug she noticed his face was practically ghostly white. “Darling, you look awful! Are you feeling okay? Did you hear bad news or did something happen that made you look this way?” Moishe ’s eyes revealed that he was in a faraway place seemingly oblivious to his wife’s question. Her soft voice did not elicit any reaction at all. Our story now begins.

“I was sitting in front of the computer pouring over my investments to see how they were performing. Dovid came into the room and stood before me and asked me where do babies come from and how are they made. I was dumbfounded as to how to answer him. What should I have said or what would you have said to him?” Esther pondered the question for a few moments before letting out an exasperated sigh. Moments later Esther would say “I guess I would have told Dovid that babies come from their mother and are created out of the love a husband and a wife feel for each other. That answer probably would have satisfied him and he would have gone back to playing.”

As the emotional fog lifted from the room where the couple had been talking to each other in a prevailing sense of calm settled in. An innocent young boy with a smile as wide as wide can be managed to unintentionally reduce his parents to two pairs of trembling hands as each looked to the other for an answer that would satisfy their curious young boy.

Came dinner time Esther told her husband all about this majestic rainbow that appeared to stop right in front of the windshield of her car. The thought came to them that perhaps behind the rainbow there was another world that was so brimming with life that they sent this spectacular show of light and color as a way to say hello or warn us that something bad was going to happen.

Indeed behind the rainbow, there is another world but not one as we know it. The rainbow is the place where our dreams go. Each color represents a different dream from a different person. “There are so many colors in the rainbow. So many colors in the morning sun. So many colors  in the flowers and I see everyone.”-Harry Chapin-Flowers Are Red. The rainbow represents for many of us that there is hope for an enlightened tomorrow.

Each puddle of water left behind from the rejuvenating Spring rains follow each of us no matter where we are or where we are going. Brilliant beams of multi-colored refracted light reach out as if to say “trust me and I will take you there to that place where only what is beyond is known.” The rainbow cannot be trampled under foot since it has no physical body. It in all of its unclaimable beauty lives inside of us waiting to come out to introduce ourselves to the self we really do not know.

Water is what survives us. Gaze deeply into the images you see in your cup or glass at the water swishing back and forth but never spilling over the top. The face you see may be yours but it is only a reflection of that far away place that you unknowingly live in. This is not a dream but rather a frozen moment in time where the world you came from when you filled your cup with that crystal clear water no longer exists. “ Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops. Sail o’er the canyons and up to the stars.  And reach for the heavens and hope for the future and that all that we can be, and not we are.”-The Eagle And The Hawk-John Denver. You must now return to your failed fake reality.

Moishe, Esther, and little Dovid leave this world during specific times during the day for a paragraph or two but then they return. What they read put them in a place they are not yet allowed for their souls to live in but for that moment they stand before a great king. It is he who made the rainfall so we can all be nourished. Therein is the real other world. Be not shocked to learn the rainbow was never really there but you were.

So come with me and bask in the colors we think we see and gently hold onto the hand that awaits your touch. Feel each and every finger from every hand as you touch them and they touch you. Do not panic or feel unnerved as sleep overtakes you. Now go. Go to the rainbow!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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      It is an extreme honor to receive these lovely comments from somebody whom I believe is an exceptionally talented and gifted writer.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting on my article not to mention your very kind compliment. Come to think of it I used to think the same things as you do when I saw a rainbow. I hope you will continue to read and comment on my articles as that means so much to me.