What Was Meant For Evil, Will Be Used For Good!

Part One

For those of you who read my work, it is not a secret that I’ve struggled with depression for the majority of my life and in the past tried to commit suicide.  About a month ago I went through an encounter and in short received a text stating, “You should have killed yourself…no one cares for you!”  This same individual then took to social media posting how much they hated me.

I marveled…how could someone be so evil?

This person was not a child, was not a teenager, not a young adult, but a person who is in the prime of their life.  Sadly reminding myself, no matter the age, color, sex, or religion, hate does not discriminate against anyone.

Fear has a way of silencing people, but I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

I am not ashamed, nor would I ever try to hide what I’ve gone through in my journey.   It is my calling and my mission in life to expose my battles in hopes of helping others to be freed from their own personal chains. I am blessed to have survived and consistently working towards bettering myself.  Furthermore, I am blessed to be able to use my voice to encourage those who are going through, have gone through, and working towards improving their life to say, “You are not alone, you are strong, you are brave, and you are worthy!” Nonetheless, I thank the person who said this to me.  Not only has this hateful act confirmed how much I’ve grown but revealed how I could use what was meant for evil for good.

I’ve been interviewing and working with individuals who on a professional basis face this type of behavior daily.  What I’ve learned, I would like to share with you:

✅ Speak up and out

Make trusted, responsible individuals aware of your situation, DO NOT hold it in or try handling it on your own.

✅ Document, Document, Document

As draining as it may keep a record of each encounter:  Date, Time, Name of Individual(s), where & how it happened and who was contacted; upsetting as it may be, DO NOT delete ANY information viable towards proving your case.

✅ Contact your local police department

At this point, in most cases, you will not be able to press charges of harassment, although what was said was meant to bully and harm you; that person(s) are still protected under “freedom of speech.”  However, all reports remain open, so be sure to keep your case number handy at all times and include it on each document you have,  record and save your phone calls with your case number as well.  If by choice, the police department will contact the individual(s) who are involved.

✅ Give Warning, Block, and File

Give written warning by saying, “I would appreciate it if you would not contact me anymore!  Via social media, postal mail, personal encounter, texts, emails, telephone calls, or third party.  From this moment forth, it will be considered as harassment!”  Allow 24hrs for the individual(s) to respond, do not interact with them, but save, document, record.

Block the person(s) phone number from your phone, social media, emails, or any way they can get in touch with you.  This allows the proper authorities to know you have given a warning and if they attempt to use another avenue to contact you in any form or fashion, you have gone through every process of letting them know you do not want to have any further contact with them.  I understand it may be difficult if you are still in school or working, but distant yourself as much as possible.

File a restraining order.  Although time-consuming, it is defiantly worth it!  Bring all documents, journals, and recordings to your county courthouse and present your case unto the judge.

To those of you who are experiencing this form of evil, stay encouraged.  Surround yourself around positive people.  DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIE!  You are loved, you are important, and I cannot stress it enough:  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I am still in the process of interviewing and working with professionals to bring more helpful hints; however, I felt what I’ve learned thus far was not to be withheld, which is why I’ve chosen to write this article in parts.  Readers, every county, city, state, and country’s rules and regulations may be different.  Being that BIZCATALYST 360° has a global audience, please feel free to drop any helpful hints in the comments below.

Let us not back down my beloved as we band together, “Hoping to encourage the world one word a time!” No one should have to suffer alone!  If you’re facing a crisis situation or thinking about harming yourself please seek help immediately!

Suicide Prevention and 24/7/365 Crisis Hotline (800) 273-TALK or (800) 273-8255


Pre.Kaya' Gilkey
Pre.Kaya' Gilkey
Pre.Kaya’ Gilkey is a Poet, Entrepreneur, Author of debut book Exposed Poetry Memoirs, and Featured Contributor Writer for BIZCATALYST 360°. She passionately developed her website HOPING1WORD.COM to inspire and uplift others. The website focuses on self-improvement, unity, encouragement, and love through poetry, positive affirmations, quotes, and more; while hoping to encourage the world one word at a time.

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  1. Pre.Kaya’ you are such a bright guiding light for so many people living in a dark place. Sharing your experience and lessons may be what saves another person. And, what makes you such a bright light is your willingness to throw open your heart and share your personal experiences in a way that meant to help others so that they know they are not alone. You are a special gift to the world. Keep sharing your lessons and doing what you are doing.

  2. Helpful Hint from Anita Schoenfeld on LinkedIn, Thank you, Anita!
    “These types of social media assaults (an intentional use of the word) says more about them than you. Remember, that they are constantly living with hate and anger that eventually will affect their own lives. If you are being bullied by a co-worker or superior at work, these recommendations also hold true. Talk with them, advise them to stop; keep hard copies of emails and document incidents along with names of witnesses; place HR on formal notice (in writing) of the incidents and attach copies of documentation; and when all else fails file an EEOC complaint. Harassment and threats are not something you “just have to live with” in the workplace.”

  3. WOW! I can’t imagine ever going through an encounter like that. First, it makes my heart hurt to know you have suffered because of so much hate built up in another person. You don’t deserve that. Thank you for writing with such clarity what someone should do if they are being victimized. It is truly demoralizing to be treated with so much angst. You are a hero for living above all that has happened to you.