What to Know Before Buying Bags in \Bulk

A flexible intermediate bulk container that is commonly known as an FIBC is the one thing that is suitable for your needs if you are in the flowable business producing sand, fertilizers, or granules of plastics. These bulk bags are not only recommended for their durability as they are made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene. They can transport larger quantities weighing more than one metric ton because they are fitted with two or more lifting loops making it easy for one person to load them. A discharging spout placed at the bottom of the bag makes it effortless to empty its contents but cutting it open the good old-fashioned way is also allowed.

Bulk Categories

These bags have been utilized for a category of packaging reasons since their inception in the 1940’s, the professionals at manyan.com/bulk-bags-fibcs/ have compiled detailed and useful information about bulk bags. Did you know that flexible intermediate bulk containers come in various categories and classifications? The categories include the following.

  • Food and pharmaceutical grade bags are high-quality bags that are protected from any contamination.
  • Sift proof bags produced with extra material to help prevent any loss of fine powder products that may sift through any potential problem areas.
  • Single loop bags are kitted with a single handle to lift things like cement and fertilizer.
  • Baffle bags are generally used to transport items that require them to maintain a box-like shape, allowing for maximum space to be available during the transportation of goods.
  • Sling bags are commonly used to transport many smaller bags. These are considered efficient and practical.

Need For Classification

Since you are aware of the different types of bags and their uses, it is beneficial to know how these bulk bags are classified.

  • Type A bags are the most standard bags made out of non-conductive fabrics. They can be used to transport non-flammable products because they don’t provide any static protection.
  • Type B bags are made from a similar fabric material as Type A bags but these can be used to transport dry and flammable powders.
  • Type C bulk bags are made from conductive fabric making them safe to transport any flammable powders.
  • Type D bulk bags are made from antistatic and static dissipative fabrics that not only allow them to transport flammable powders but they can handle products that are inflammable and in combustible environments.

Always Remember

These bags are trusted for their improved safety of transporting products and they ensure economical packaging. It is always advisable to use bulk bags for their intended use and according to their specifications. Be sure to take the time to do the proper research to gain all the information that you need before you find yourself buying the wrong bulk bag and causing a flammable mess while transporting your customer’s products.

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