What To Do When Your Modafinil Order Is Stopped At Border

The idea of buying Modafinil online is becoming increasingly popular. It is the easiest way of getting your smart drug. You don’t need a prescription and you can sit and relax in the comfort of your own home, waiting for someone to knock on your door and deliver your package of Moda. Is there anyone who can say anything against this option?

There actually seems to be. A lot of people are in fear of having their order seized by customs. Ignorance and lack of reliable information has deepened this fear so much that they might give up on their order altogether. By giving up, they are knowingly missing out on all the benefits of Modafinil, such as the ones you can find here.

I get the confusion and the fear, but I also know that it is not that necessary. If you have heard any scary stories about people getting arrested over buying this smart drug online, there are two things I have to say about them. The stories are either fake, or those people bought massive amounts of the drug at once.

How To Avoid Modafinil Seizure

Before I get to explaining what you can and should do if your order is stopped at the border, I want to tell you how you can avoid this seizure altogether. There is a simple procedure that you should follow when ordering this drug online, and if you stick to it, the chances of it getting seized become really small, if not non-existent.

There is only one important rule you should follow during this procedure. Don’t order too much. Since you are using this drug for your personal purposes, there’s no point for you to be buying 10 or 20 lbs. at a time. Go with smaller amounts, and if you have friends who want to try Modafinil as well, let them make their order themselves, so as to avoid any risks.

What To Do When It Gets Seized

No matter how many times you follow this procedure and everything goes smoothly, there is a risk that the package will still get seized. It is a really small risk, but it does happen. To put things into perspective, let me give you an estimate. Approximately 3 to 5 out of 100 packages get stopped at the border. As you can see, you have a big chance of never experiencing anything like this.

When your package is a bit late, don’t immediately assume that it was stopped at the border. Every single order needs to go through specific procedures before it reaches the end consumer. Be patient and give it some time. Give it a week, or two if necessary, and you just might see it arrive at your doorstep when you least expect it.

If you do turn out to be the unlucky fellow whose Modafinil gets seized, you will receive a letter from customs, so you will know that you’re not dealing with a simple delay. When you receive the letter, the most important thing to understand is that there is no room for panicking. I know it might come as a shock, but this letter doesn’t have to mean that you are in trouble.

In the letter, you will find that the customs is offering you two options on how to react. You can either abandon the package voluntarily, or you can choose to start seizure proceedings. The latter basically means that you are choosing to go to court and prove that you have the right to take the package and the substance contained in it. When Modafinil is in question, that’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

There is also a third option. It won’t be offered by the letter, but it is probably the best thing you can do. Ignore the letter completely, as if you didn’t know what it was talking about. Who can prove that you were the one making that order and that it wasn’t a “gift” you knew nothing about? It might as well be shipped to the wrong name and address.

If you ignore the letter, nobody can hold you accountable for anything. The best part is, after 30 days of not receiving a word for you, the customs will simply destroy the package as if it never existed. In a few words, the absolutely best thing to do when your Modafinil gets seized is to do nothing at all.

Of course, you will be left without the package, but there’s nothing stopping you from making another order and waiting for it to arrive. You would have to be really unlucky to have the next order stopped as well. That’s highly unlikely to happen, so forget the package that has been seized and get yourself a new one.

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