What To Do About Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

Being discriminated against or harassed through any form of sexual advance and/or action can be very crippling. A majority of victims of sexual discrimination live in the shadow of the fear that it may happen again. There is also that fear of having to face the perpetrator and not knowing what to do. 

But your sexual discrimination attorney kansas city fully relies on is here to help. That is why we have come together and have asked legal experts for advice on how to go about sexual discrimination. Here are practical yet crucial steps to empower yourself and seek the right help regarding this abominable act. 

Sexual Discrimination: Steps to Do

1. Do NOT Ignore It

Studies reveal that an appallingly large number of victims of sexual discrimination does not immediately address the situation, if at all. For the latter, many choose not to disclose the matter, to the point of ignoring it completely. 

The opposite should, in fact, be done. Not only is any kind of discrimination a crime, but it is an afront against your person, your integrity, and your humanity. Stand up for yourself by being proactive as you go to the step below. 

2. Document

Document it. Document it early while you can still remember as many details as you can. Date, location, time, perpetrator, witnesses (if any), frequency, etc. If there are other sources of evidence you can gather (i.e. photos, messages), archive them securely and make copies. Store them away from your office, and in different locations. You may employ the aid of trusted friends and family to safeguard them in a like manner.

Next, observe any changes in the workplace following the incident. Try to gain as much access to your performance and performance reviews before and after what had happened, and document these, too. 

3. Inform Those Closest to You

Fear of retaliation is frequently the reason why victims do not want to report such incidences. They do not want to lose their jobs or be robbed of career opportunities. Although these are, in themselves, out of one’s hands regardless of background, the best you can do is share this with those whom you trust the most. Your spouse, closest friends, or family. 

If there were no witnesses when the act took place, you will at least have had other reliable ears to listen to your recounting of it. And because they are people whom you have no qualms confiding in, you will also feel less burdened or embarrassed to bring this sensitive issue into a conversation.

Not to mention that their statements can corroborate your own, later on, as you file a report and/or a case. By the way, it will be advantageous to record the said conversation as well. 

4. Company Policy and State Law 

Review your company’s policy about sexual harassment. If there is a provision about what employees should do when filing for such complaints, note what they are and create a plan so as not to miss any once you finally submit the report. 

Supplementarily be knowledgeable of your state’s laws when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace.

The N.D.A.

Another advantage will be to know if your company works around non-disclosure agreements. Those that do not tend to overturn sexual discrimination and work harassment reports over on the grounds of how they may tarnish the reputation of the company and/or brand. 

5. Call Your Lawyer 

This is listed as 5th on this list not because it is the least important but because it is a rule by default. You should not have to wait to file a case against the harasser/s before you discuss this with your legal adviser. 

The sooner you are able to reach out to your lawyer, the better. He or she can guide you in the proceedings surrounding sexual discrimination.

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