What Is Your Wish This Christmas?

With Christmas upon us, it’s the time many of us wish for miracles to happen. But, when we wish for something, it typically means it is not anything we can do for ourselves.

A wish is a longing for something that we desire.  Yet, at times, the wish can feel impossible to achieve.  Or, so we think.

I do believe when we really want something, we ourselves need to bring our dream to life.  How in the world do we bring something to us we cannot control you ask?  Well, I really believe several things can help in your quest.  Let me explain.

First, if something is really meant to be, then it will eventually find its way.  We just have to be open to accepting what we want and depending what it is, we sometimes need to put ourselves out there to actually let it happen and to be receptive to the dream coming to life. Now, I do understand this step is hard.  I have a hard time when it seems the dream will never happen or another person keeps telling you “NO,” there have been times I feel like it’s apparently not meant to be no matter how badly I want my wish to come true.  However, you can never just give up your dream.  The actual outcome may be telling you something better is on the way, and to be open to seeing the dream come true in a different form.

Greet the hiring manager with a warm, and likable personality, and a medium firm handshake.  Look the interviewer in the eyes.  Listen to the questions carefully and answer honestly and thoughtfully.

Think about a time when you knew you wanted that job.  Rather than saying, “I will never get this job.  I will interview, but if they hire me, I will be totally surprised.”  What do you think are the chances you will get the job if you go into the job thinking you are not good enough?  Exactly.  You got the idea now! Instead, walk through the doors well-groomed with a smile on your face.  Greet the hiring manager with a warm, and likable personality, and a medium firm handshake.  Look the interviewer in the eyes.  Listen to the questions carefully and answer honestly and thoughtfully.  Be someone who that person can see working with and enjoying being around.  I bet you will be a front-runner if you do the things I mentioned!

Second, if I really want something, I will close my eyes and imagine how it will be to have my dreams come true.  I know that may sound a little strange, but sometimes, we need to envision what we want actually happening to us in our minds before it will happen.  We need to understand how good it will feel to finally receive that job we want, or the house we pray for, or the love you have always wanted in your life.  Anything can happen if you bring a strong belief when thinking about your wish, and how your life will transform when your wish is finally fulfilled.

I feel strongly that people will get what they want with positive energy around them.  And, we have to create that energy ourselves. 

To create a positive energy:  1. Be kind.  Nothing will ever work in your life if you always have a horrible attitude.  If you have a grim look on your face and appear as an unapproachable kind of person, not much is going to come your way.  And, I know a few people with horrible attitudes.   I stay clear of those grumpy people! Think about it, would you rather be around a happy person or someone who is going to complain the whole time you are around them?  I really believe those people haven’t a clue how awful they are to be around.  Honestly, I don’t know how someone cannot know how mean they are acting.  But for some people, they don’t seem to care how rude they can be.  After all, their life is horrible.  And, I can certainly see why.

Instead, just be kind to people as they walk by and smile.  Just pull in the right people with an approachable style.  Look people in the eye and be honest above all else.  People like to know they can count on someone.  Also, be fun. People want to be around people who know how to laugh and enjoy life.  And, I have life-long friends who I may not see for months or years at a time and I know at any time either of us really needs support or need each other, we get together and we have not skipped a beat in our friendship.

So, think now about something you really want.  Got it in your mind?  Now, take time when it is quiet and close your eyes and think about how your life would be when your wish comes true.  Notice I said, ‘when’ your wish comes true?  You ever heard of daydreams?  Daydream a little and the feeling will be fantastic.  Sometimes, I have had a daydream and when it actually happens in real life, it is almost spooky when you know the events that will occur before they happen.  This is the time that you start thinking and strange music goes off in your head like a scary movie, right?

You have a guardian angel just like I do.  I know my guardian angel is my Father.  Ever since my Dad passed away, I have always felt he has guided me through life, and you can probably tell I have made some fantastic wishes come true.  As a matter of fact, I have been pretty successful in my career, and as far as my life goes, I have been able to design a home when I had no money and eventually, I had it built.

I have been able to go from a filing clerk to working for some of the largest companies in the world.  And, it is not because I am smarter than anyone else, or have something nobody else possesses.  It’s because people enjoy being around me and they trust me.  They know I will make sure a job gets done.  I am honest about what I do not know, and I surround myself with fantastic people who can help me with what I lack in abilities.  And, I take the opportunity to learn from them and help them with their shortcomings too!

Sometimes you need to believe in yourself to draw what you want to come to you.  And, sometimes its ‘magic’ you let into your life.  Either way, if you keep a positive outlook, even when things get hard, you will be successful.  You will be happy.  Trust yourself with the wish by enabling positive thoughts.  Trust in the magic of the Christmas spirit to help bring you that wish you want to make a reality.  Believe in you and you can make any path you want in life come true.

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!


Robin Anderson
Robin Anderson
ROBIN Anderson earned her BBA and MBA from Averett University and graduated with a 3.88 GPA. She is also a member of the Pinnacle National Honor Society and a member of the Institute of Financial Operations as well as served on the Strategic Advisory Committee for several years and has been a speaker for 4 years at the National Convention. Robin also speaks for the IOFM, AP Now and Tomorrow and Averett University. Robin volunteers her time with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and speaking for Averett University.

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    • Thank you Lynn!! You are so right. And so many people seem to get stuck. It’s the magic and a celebration of the birth of Christ. Have a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for reading my article! Robin Anderson