What is Your Purpose?

Moments & Purpose

I was so glad to be there. In that moment with my daughter… I was so PRESENT. I was so glad I was there with her. I know she could sense my happiness too. We were volunteering at our church with adorable 3-5-year-olds. Wow! If you need to get back to the original version of yourself and find your PURPOSE, spend time with 3 to 5-year-olds, or any young child for that matter.

Through their eyes you see WONDER, EXCITEMENT, and PURE JOY.

These children say what they feel, help one another, disagree and are just themselves.

They are in the MOMENT.

A couple of Sundays a month we spend time together helping others. Community service and helping others is very important to me. I learned this from my dad. Serving others brings joy and energy to me. It gives me purpose and it makes me live in the moment.  The best part of my current volunteering is time with my own child. I get to see her smile. She is full of energy and I even learn more about her. My daughter is already a strong, fearless and confident leader. She is also warm, caring and a very good listener. She loves to help others too.

What happens when we become adults & lose joy in the small moments? WHY does this happen?

Don’t let it slip away. Keep your sense of Wonder. Give volunteering a try, or find ways to serve others and find your purpose.


Jennifer McGinley
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Jennifer McGinley, CEO of JLM Strategic Communications, based in the Baltimore/DC Metro area, helps individuals and organizations increase their connections, visibility, and credibility through strategic and effective public relations programs. Connect with Jennifer via her social media links above.

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  1. A great reminder to live from wonder and awe, Jennifer! So often we might think purpose is intellectual, when it’s something that makes our hearts sing, our bodies dance, our souls take flight…like those 3 to 5 year olds seemingly still had inside their beings. How wonderful that adults had not yet dampened their joyful expressions of being alive and being of service. Thank you for this inspiration!

  2. Jennifer- it’s also about “get to’s” vs. “have to’s…” the more that things that we can tell ourselves that we “get to do,” instead of “having to do” them is one way to generate that spark that will allow us see with kids’ eyes again. We get older and turn everything into chores, tasks, kpi’s and measurables. Kids learn to do stuff with a sense of joy, before we can show them how to suck the fun out of everything. Great stuff, Jennifer!

    • And then, it’s people like me who write comments and don’t realize that I’m not signed in, so the comment becomes anonymous. I never cease to amaze me… So that is me… apologies to adding mystery to this piece, and I am more than happy to publicly claim that.

  3. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your article. On a down blah feeling day, simple joy may escape you. Children are incredible with their infectious enthusiasm for life. School at times can take that innate curiosity they have. As adults, the need to make a living to pay the seemingly endless pile of bills can rob you of the ability to enjoy certain moments. Even more so if you hate your job. Years ago I became like my father (of blessed memory in that I was a consummate volunteer in many organizations. These were not pleasant experiences. I take joy in remembering things I thought I had long since forgotten. “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.”-John Lennon