Marianne Williamson wrote that great piece asking about our greatest fear. What is yours? Are you still chasing success? Have you given up ever achieving it in your life?

In my business, many have just quit, some do so for good reasons, they believe. But I know the truth. They meet so much negativity, failure, their greatest fear. All they want is release, to not have to face that they will not realize their dream.

What are they missing from their character? Maybe nothing. Perhaps they did not get proper training. Maybe they only needed a little guidance, some mentoring to be able to perform and create what they wanted. Some, I have found by my research, really did not have a chance. The Company they started with drew a nebulous picture of the future and they were caught up in the moment and bought into the dream, blindly.

fear-of-failure-9Many do that these days, buy into an online dealy that promises a whole whack of money for just getting people to sign up for free. No Products, no sales. Lies, lies, lies.

Please, if you are looking to make money online, stay away from this model. Any legitimate Plan will have a product and will require that those products or services must be sold. Never get involved with a company that only rewards Team Building. Without Customers, you have a scam, maybe a pyramid and those are illegal.

In Network Marketing, the industry suffers a loss of 70% of first year signees. That number includes all companies. For online schemes, there are no published figures but I would hazard a guess that the fall off is 90% or more. What is the sense in getting into something like that? It is designed to fail, and grab as much money in a short time as possible. The sad thing is that there are people out there that believe this stuff is the greatest thing going.

So, what is the answer? Is there something out there that is exactly what it advertises?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. And I have to say that more than 90% of Network Marketing companies have no idea what they are doing. However, after a lot of research, making my own mistakes, I do know what works and that is Teamwork. You start your own business but no one leaves the field until everyone has made it to the point where they are getting paid every month, or, if we can work it, every week. It is all in the amount of effort put into it.

Your new part time business, that could become full time faster than you can imagine, maybe just a conversation away.