What Is There Left To Say After You Thought You Said All There Is To Say?

What…… What is there left to say after you thought you said all there is to say?  What….. What if you found out that you had not said all there is to say or that you have said all that you thought you said but forgot there was more to say as you have not said all that you were going to say? What… What is it that you forgot you were going to say but did not say?

Why….. Why is it or how is it possible with all that you said, all that you going to say suddenly find yourself devoid of what it is you were going to say? What…What is the dread that you feel as your tongue meticulously prepares itself to formulate those words but suddenly ceases to function? Your tongue is now a white laced barren desert parched for water that it needs to regain the ability to speak, the ability to convey thoughts, feelings, or perhaps profound words of wisdom.  There must be a reason you quake uncontrollably with fear at the mere thought of saying anything.  Why?

How….How is it that the journey you set upon has led you here wherever it is that you might be or think you might be? Here in this place that you had not intended to be or ever thought you would have shaken you so intensely that no matter what you have said, were going to say, or thought you have said is no longer within the realm of possibility. Could it be, is it conceivable you never said what you thought so confidently you had said but in fact did not? Are their cherished memories, horrific memories ripe with terror that left their scars on you or moments of impression previously subconsciously subdued that inexplicably have now arisen to take their place of prominence in the front of your mind?

When….When was the time your dreams dreamed dreams of their own? You captured those dreams with the thought they could come true only for you to be frozen out of them. Crushed under the weight of unrealized dreams that have now resurfaced in your new reality-based thought perhaps hath robbed thou of the confidence you so brimmed with that you could feel them in the sweaty palm of your now trembling hand leaving you to be in absenteeism of words waiting to be said.  As it turns out that you mistakenly think you had said them leaving you to conclude you had said all that purportedly you had said that was all there was left to say.

Is….Is it really just a matter of thinking you have said all there was to say only to shockingly discover you hadn’t uttered nary a word? Was it you that was purportedly speaking the words which were inclusive of you thinking you had said all there is to say but in fact did not? What was it that led you to think you had used all of the over 1 million words in the English Language while in the midst of saying what you alleged was all that you had said all there was to say but once again failed to say?

You…You should have known that as you were orating or writing or whatever it was you were thinking you were doing that it is only easy to say what you want to say until it gets hard to say all that you want or need to say. You should have known that when the matter of fact illustrates you were not in possession of the mental capability to even remotely stake your claim to the fact of you, yes you of all people were in sole possession of an accomplishment that you had no right of ownership to as nothing was heard and certainly not seen that would be indicative of you having completed the monumental task of conveying all of your thought processes utilizing phraseology which was not part of your diction to anybody within earshot would have heard it. No, this is not the case here as there is no substantiation that you can substantiate your claim of excess verbosity to.

I…I had said while thinking out loud silently to myself just loud enough for nobody to hear that in my estimation there is still more that can and should be said even if as luck would have it there is unquestionably nothing more you can say after you have said (or claim to have said) all there is to say having already said that. Having said that…. Had you not said what you did not say but forcefully insist you said it serves as a reminder to pick and chose what we remember, the consequences (if any) of saying what we remember as being all that he, she, or they said. If you were that astute this exercise which stems from your opening statement questioning almost repetitively “what is there left to say after you thought you said all there is to say?”

It…It was you in absentia that needed this question which you posed be brought into the public light in consideration only of your being in the need for the subjugation of this matter from which there would be no plentiful supply of eloquence. A free-flowing flowery fragrance could not negate nor negotiate a proper perspective proposition to be declared as the absolute final finality. In finality, there is an end but an end is not necessarily in sight.

A…A wise rich man who is sadly suddenly ill (Neil Diamond) once wrote these words which I will quote while coming to grips with his own uncertainty “ I am”… I said to no one there, and no one heard at all, not even the chair. “I am”…I cried, “I am”…said I and I am lost and I can’t even say why.” This was a non-story that is the story of a questioning of perhaps saying too much via not saying anything at all.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Joel, I know just how you feel. I had a bad marriage and divorce. Recently my ex-husband came to Al and I thought t speak to him to be able to get my closure. But when the opportunity presented itself, I found myself mute almost. I couldn’t think of the words I wanted to tell him. I knew the ideas but didn’t want him to think was stuck in the past or still angry with him at all. So I sad nothing, while convincing myself I had already said enough in the past. But…Did I say enough? I will never know but I still feel like I haven’t had enough closure.Great article!!

    • Valerie, divorce can be so painful on many ends. It’s only now that the three children my wife’s first marriage are all grown and out on their own that the anger is gone. Nobody sought closure but after 30 years it happened on its own. That was a period I will never forget as it was so hate-filled. What made it worse each side put the kids in the middle of the battle. Sometimes there is so much you want to say but the words do not come out. Recovering from a bad marriage with a bitter divorce thrown in can lead to wounds that never heal. Thank you for your compliment and even more so thank you for becoming such a loyal reader.

  2. Joel, you are indeed an Artist with words….

    You intricately weave emotions, with feeling, with questions, with answers, into an intriguing “artwork of prose and poetry” leaving the viewer somehow confused yet satisfied, curious yet joyful at “experiencing the moment”.

    Thank you Joel.. I want… no, – I demand more of these wonderful posts ?

    • Jonathan,
      Sometimes I will put “curveballs” in my articles just to get people to think. I try to incorporate different writing styles wherever I can. As far as your comments are concerned I am quite touched not to mention very appreciative of them. I will share more of these type of posts plus I hope to finish a new article late this evening. Thank you again.

  3. Being a writer who is also ADHD I will tell you that at no time have I completely concluded a thought. Like a hamster on his wheel my mind is ever spinning and moving from one connective color, topic or shape to another with even the smallest of connections which stimulate a never ending string. So as you stated in the beginning I never seem to say all that I intended to say even when I thought I’d said everything.

    • Johnny , my wife’s grandson has ADHD. I can only imagine some of the dificultys you experience. Despite your condition you manage to write incredibly beautiful and powerful poetry.. I suffer with depression with anxiety on top of that. Sometimes it is very hard to keep going. I am very touched by the fact you confided in me. If you will keep writing I will do my very best to keep writing even during those times when I would rather give it up. You are an inspirational figure to me. Thank you for being there alongside of me through your words.

    • I attempt to make lite of it. My last corporate sales team even gave me and AC/DC poster with their logo on it that said AD/HD in place of the AC/DC . Take care brother. J

    • Bharat,
      Thank you for your loyal readership!
      I must thank you for taking the time to post your comments