What is Gratitude Entirely About?

Gratitude isn’t something that is expressed in times of abundance but in times of lacking because that’s what brings fulfillment. It is painful and makes you feel like you’re out of your mind but that’s the best time to show it because it gives you strength. The soul is something that needs food for its fulfillment and gratitude is one of them. The moment it has been given that food, it would nourish the soul and give it bliss and happiness. If you don’t show gratitude, you won’t experience bliss and happiness because your mind would be restless and it would be eating you from the inside and your outside world you will see nothing but grief and bitterness. It will feel as if the world has come to an end and rapture is about to take place in which there is nothing but darkness and people are trying to save themselves. But as you express gratitude, your world would be complete and with no void but wholeness.

Many people have left the right path to fulfill their needs and wants and they don’t care whether it affects others in a negative manner all because they lack gratitude. When we look at the world today, especially the youths, they’ve been led astray and gone into illicit activities because they’ve failed to show gratitude. Do you know that the person who shows gratitude is a wealthy and fulfilled person? This person has understood that it is not the material things that bring happiness and fulfillment but the virtues of life that cannot be seen but felt. 

Gratitude is one of the virtues that makes a person’s life qualitative and it is only a few people who possess such virtue. The moment you experience failure, one of the remedies to heal from the pain or trauma of failure is gratitude. That’s when you appreciate the lessons you’ve learned and get the strength to keep you going. It is to stop you from going astray to get what you want and bring you to the path of fulfillment. Experiencing failure is something that’s bitter because it would make you look as if you’re not worthy enough to get what your heart desires. But at the moment you’re learning a virtue that would last a lifetime. You don’t learn a virtue out of good experiences but out of bad and painful experiences because that is what is going to open your heart and expand your mindset into another horizon. 

One of the ways of showing gratitude is appreciation. Appreciation doesn’t mean that you have enough but you’re contented with the little you have.

It will stop you from looking at other people’s possession and focus on your own journey. When you’re given a gift by another person and you show appreciation the person would be happy and that would open more doors and opportunities for you to receive. Gratitude carries so much power in which it makes the universe bring more in abundance for you. It is in the little wins that you express gratitude and see its effect and not the big wins. The big wins magnify your ego while the small wins make you humble. 

Another way of showing gratitude is being thankful for what you’ve received. Sometimes what you will receive isn’t something that would come in abundance but you’ve to thank that person especially when your expectations haven’t been met and it would feel as if the person has broken your heart. When you show gratitude your heart won’t be broken instead it would open your heart to receive more blessings. It is one of the hardest virtue to learn but it surely pays. 

You show your gratitude by giving back something in return as a form of appreciation. When you give it motivates people to do more. Because of the wickedness of the world, many people have learned the act of breaking other people’s hearts just to see their reactions. The moment you give in, you’ve failed the test and those are times that you’ve to stand strong. They do it not because they really want to do it to you but because it has also been done to them. To give as a form of gratitude doesn’t necessarily mean material things. It could be your love, support, or kindness not because you want to impress the person but to show how grateful you’re for the good deeds that have been done unto you. Now I will leave you with the question in mind. How was the feeling you had each time you express gratitude?


Precious Mumzumi
Precious Mumzumi
My name is Precious Luther Mumzumi. I am a personal development coach, someone who is passionate about leadership, at the same time an inspirational writer. My passion for sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the world led me to author the book "Precious Insights". I am someone who enjoys reading, writing, teaching, spending my time alone, and also engaging myself in intellectual talks. As a futuristic person, solving global issues has always been my passion. Spending time studying and trying to proffer a solution gives me joy and I can even lose track of time so far I am on my accomplishment track. "Thinking," they say is one of the hardest tasks in the world but I prefer it to physical exercises. Mental actions such as meditation, and critical thinking are my calming and exciting moments. I love to visualize and imagine what the future would look like and that tickles my creativity. Precious is an ardent believer in investment in personal development because it births great achievements. You have to develop yourself first before you think of developing other people and society at large. Out of my inquisitiveness and firm belief, I idolize reading books that deal with self-development, psychology, leadership, and politics for my growth and valuable impact on society. When I was the deputy head prefect back in my secondary school I was awarded the best prefect of the year because of my hard work and dedication to societal development. Some of my core values are hard work, integrity, and discipline. I make sure I use my skills of writing, teaching, and leadership to impact and inspire society. I currently live in Nigeria, Adamawa State and I am available for writing, teaching, and coaching.

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