Machining and manufacturing is a part of bus ends which is all about getting your hands dirty and doing the nitty-gritty parts of business. When it comes to machining techniques there is one in particular which stand out from the rest and that is CNC machining. But what is it and why is it so great?

CNC machines are electro-mechanical and they use computer programs to manipulate tools. Computer Numerical Control is all about using the technology we have on hand to us today to create something new. Just like you would want to hire a company like to build your home or office, you would want a CNC machine to help you manufacture a product.

CNC machines were first created in the 1940s and they used a pretty basic type of technology to manipulate different tools into moving at a specified time. If you have ever watched an episode of How It’s Made you will have likely seen these types of machines in action before. They are programmed to move at a specific time and they are so precise that thousands of products can be made every hour.

Most of the time the whole machining process will require us to use several different processes to create the finished product. CNC machines manage this by combining multiple steps into one such as drawing out a cut in wood and cutting it at the same time. This can save valuable time during a manufacturing project and saves you having people doing the job by hand, which would take far longer to achieve.

Here are some of the different types of CNC machines we can see in the manufacturing process today.

  • Drill_BitDrills: As we know, a drill works by rotating a drill bit into a stationary object to create a hole.
  • Lathe_BitLathes: Lathes do the opposite to a drill and spin the object around a stationary tool.
  • Milling_BitMilling Machines: These work by cutting a material to create the unit for manufacturing. They are a most commonly used CNC machines.

Electrical and Chemical Machining: For more complex procedures there are a few different ways that a CNC machine can use electricity and chemicals during the manufacturing process. For example it could be a laser beam, photochemical machining or even ultrasonic machining.

There are lots of different types of CNC machine which you can see here:

If you have a business which involves manufacturing this year, it might be a good idea to take a look into CNC machining and see how much money it can save you on labour and time. Machines can be a brilliant way to get the most precise and fiddly jobs done in a matter of seconds, and you will not get the same human error by using a machine to perform these tasks. You will therefore be able to make the best quality products you can to sell on to your customers this year and the years to come.

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