What is Automation Testing and Why Do Developers Need It?

Using a website or an application, we rarely think about testing behind it. Imagine that there is no quality assurance testing and features are released right away after the development. The Internet would seem like a bunch of non-working websites as one new feature breaks everything, or users cannot make any purchases, or even report any issue because the contact form is not working. Sounds frightening, huh?

Luckily, now software testing is an essential part of the software development cycle that is taught basically on any web-development course, and that’s for a reason. With proper testing, it’s easier to spot the critical bugs that block certain use-case scenarios before they reach the end-user.

There are two types of software testing – manual where a specialist goes through all the test scenarios step by step i.e. manually.  Automation testing, on the contrary, minimizes human intervention through the use of testing scripts combined with a test automation tool to facilitate the creation of bug reports and schedule auto-tests.

Automation testing makes the developers’ work much easier. Here’s how:

1.It speeds up the development process

With automation testing, the scripts are able to find bugs and other defects on the way faster than following manual scenarios. It does not require additional time to write the bug report, as the testing software helps to automate this process as well. Thus, the dev team receives the results right away once the test is finished, and can quickly fix them to be able to move on with the further development. The test automation software helps to quickly identify the faulty code string, so the time for troubleshooting is also decreased.

2. It helps to achieve more accuracy

With manual testing, there’s always a risk of human error. Following the same scenarios day-by-day, testers develop tunnel vision, so they can miss some defects in the process or forget to follow one of the test-cases. The great benefit of automated testing is that scripts never get tired and never miss any flow. They do exactly as instructed following the scenario every time with the same efficiency, thus the results obtained by the tests. It significantly helps in regression testing, where all the system components are tested against the newly implemented feature to ensure that it does not break the existing functionality.

3. It can deliver results impossible with manual testing

When it comes to stress or load testing, it’s hard for a human to simulate the huge influx of traffic. Automated testing can simplify this process by generating the necessary number of concurrent requests to test the software behavior with the different load levels starting with low ones to the peak number of visitors that the application can sustain.

Usually, on a project, some cases like unit tests should be done by a developer. Automation testing mechanisms makes this process easier. Automation has a positive impact not only on the development team but on the pace of the whole project bringing benefits to other parties like stakeholders as they optimize their investments, on the QA team, as testers can focus on tasks that cannot be replaced by automated scripts (like exploratory testing, or interface usability testing). One of the winning parties is your product, as we all know that prioritization demands choosing between the development of new features or fixing a bug.

With automation testing, the path from bug discovery to troubleshooting is sped up, so there is a high chance of shortening the list of bugs in your backlog. With the automation approach, the grooming sessions will be more focused on adding new features rather than resolving the conflicts. Last but not least your users will also benefit from the automated testing without even knowing about it, as the bugs may never come to their attention ensuring a smooth user experience.

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