What Is A Ringless Voicemail And How Can It Help Your Business

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, businesses gain leverage as they adopt appropriate technologies that will make their products and services stand out from the rest. Digital channels are now the go-to marketing platform for almost all businesses as this is where customers are. However, businesses need to be one step ahead if they are to thrive and maintain their customer base.

One of these technologies is the ringless voicemail, a fairly new technology that is low-cost, efficient, and easy to implement. It’s a far cry from telemarketing methods that businesses used in the past as it allows for the efficient yet unobtrusive delivery of ads and promotions. Ringless voicemail delivers messages to targeted audiences in a seamless manner. Companies that incorporate it into their marketing strategies have discovered its advantages for advertising, customer engagement, and many others.

Curious about what it is and how it works? Read on and learn about why ringless voicemails are the most promising tool for your business.

What Is Ringless Voicemail?

A ringless voicemail (RVM) is a voicemail technology used by businesses to send information to their target customers through their customer’s cellphone or landlines. Often called voicemail drop, RVM sends messages straight into the customer’s voicemail box without having to ring the number. It offers a convenient and less distracting way to market the business and its product and services.

How Ringless Voicemail Works 

Back in the good old days, companies employ telemarketing methods that involve sales personnel calling people and presenting their sales pitch. While this worked in the past, it was somehow inefficient as sales personnel would often encounter dropped calls or inattentive clients who would eventually decline the offer or worse, slam the phone. It became burdensome for sales reps since they had to repeat the same sales pitch over and over and end up with only a handful of successfully closed deals.

With the advent of the internet, emails are used as a more effective means to roll out promotions. It eliminated the intimidating personal interaction and a targeted email list became more effective in reaching out to customers. However, email marketing services have an inherent weakness as they don’t encourage a response from the customer and promotional ads often end up as spam.

RVM serves to address all these concerns with a more efficient process that involves how to leave a voicemail without calling. It offers a more favorable advantage as opposed to cold calls and unresponsive emails since it uses technology to automate the process of sending messages to the target audience.

RVM requires enlisting a service provider. Once the service is installed, ringless voicemail works in the following order:

  1. It begins with a pre-recorded message. Dedicated voicemail specialists craft an enthusiastic sales pitch that covers pertinent details about the company and its products and/or services as well as existing promotions.
  2. The message is then sent out to pre-determined contacts which are the business’s target audience. The target audience can be a segmented portion or part of a certain demographic that is perceived by the business to be a receptive audience.
  3. Next, the drop date is schedule. Once the drop date and the contact list are determined, the sender broadcasts the message at the appointed time. The drop date is based on the availability of the contact list to ensure that customers are attentive to the message being sent.
  4. Customers receive the message and have the liberty to reply at their most convenient time. An advantage of RVM is that it allows customers to listen and digest the message at their own pace and then encourages them to establish contact when and how they want it.

RVM technology operates on cloud-based voicemail technology that ensures delivery of messages through the traditional voicemail features of mobile phones. They ensure that voice drops do not appear as missed calls but are rather sent directly to the customer’s voicemail inbox.

Advantages of Ringless Voicemail   

There’s more to RVM than being just another advertising tool. Below is a list of advantages of incorporating RVM to enhance your business’s marketing efforts and expand customer reach. The benefits listed are divided into several categories to highlight multiple functionalities: marketing strategy, internal communication, impact on marketing staff as well as legal and economic aspects. 

  • Streamline Marketing Campaign 

RVM technology primarily works as a non-obtrusive tool for marketing campaigns. It guarantees to send messages to a target consumer base and allows convenient follow-ups for customer retention. This useful tool helps businesses manage their marketing strategies through:

  • Lead Generation – Businesses begin their campaign with an effective sales pitch that introduces the brand to the customer, its products and services, as well as any current promotions or offerings. This is sent to a target demographic to ensure effective reception.

The voicemail is sent during a scheduled drop date to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the customer’s activities. It also has a voicemail-to-text feature which allows customers the option to read the message rather than listening to it. These voice and text features of voicemail technology ensure that customers pay attention to the message they receive.

  • Customer Callback – RVM encourages customers to respond to the ad at their most convenient time. It upholds customer privacy as they process the information sent to them at their own pace and provides options in terms of how and when they want to establish contact.

RVM is unobtrusive, resulting in fewer customer complaints compared to most other marketing methods. After all, nobody likes getting interrupted by marketing emails or text messages when they’re at work or doing their chores. This tool eliminates the hassle of an aggressive sales campaign, and helps maintain positive relations with customers.

  • Reclaim Inactive Customers – Ringless voicemail technology comes equipped with a tracker to perform follow up on customers that may have become disinterested in the brand. It enables the business to renew contact and offer them promotions or rewards for availing products.
  • Improve Customer Engagement RVM can also perform customer engagement functions that ensure customers receive updated information and reward them for their continued patronage.
  • One-on-One Interaction – Sending RVM to designated receivers ensure that the message they receive is personalized and caters to their specific needs and lifestyle. The message updates customers so they’re always in the loop. Doing so develops and strengthens the relationship between your business and your customers.
  • Channel for Rewards – Ringless voicemail can also become a channel for customer appreciation. You can use RVM to give loyal followers rewards that make them feel valued and encourage them to continue patronizing your brand.
  • Internal Communication 

RVM not only works for your customers, it can also work for your business. It can function as an internal communication channel to convey needed information for all employees.

  • You can use RVM to cascade information across departments. It can serve as an additional communication channel for your departments and offices. It ensures that any important information is available to all the concerned staff members, without interfering with their daily workload and activities.
  • RVM can also be used to set up appointments for meetings and remind the concerned employees about it. It can also serve as a follow-up tool for projects and deadlines.
  • Improve Your Marketing Staff’s Productivity And Morale

Telemarketing used to be stressful and burdensome as salespersons needed to reach call quotas and had to deal with the frustration of dropped calls or uninterested customers. With RVM, the automated system sends a single message to several customers at once, eliminating the stress of personal interactions.

RVM also helps ease discouragement from unmet goals on the part of your employees since the system efficiently drops the message onto the customer’s mailbox without ringing the person. This, in turn, allows the sales staff to spend less time on the phone and concentrate on other more productive tasks and activities.

RVM also ensures quality messages. It has features that allow the recording and editing of the message before it’s sent out to your target audience. This ensures that voicemail specialists can devote their time and energy into crafting an effective and irresistible sales pitch.

  • Cost-Effective 

One of the barriers that prevent businesses from adopting new technologies is the cost and its estimated return on investment. An RVM system is a cost-effective investment that won’t cost you a fortune and also won’t charge your contact list. Customers responding to the messages don’t have to worry about being billed since it’s free of charge.

Aside from being low-cost, RVM is also an efficient tool to broadcast your business as it’s accepted in 80 countries around the world. This allows the business to reach not only local and international customers, but also elevate its status into a global brand.

  • Supplements Existing Marketing Strategies 

RVM can be incorporated into your existing marketing strategies. It can complement digital marketing strategies already enforced by the company. For example, you can conduct social media marketing and organize customer callback using RVM. This way, customer relationships are continuous because you know you’re getting in touch with the people who have displayed a genuine interest in your brand.

Businesses can also use RVM together with a mass text app which lets them send text messages to hundreds of subscribers at the same time. Like RVM, it also offers a low-cost and efficient way to send information to customers, clients, associates, and even employees. Mass text apps can be added to existing customer communication channels to reach audiences who may not be keen on using voicemail or social media. Ringless voicemail and mass text apps are complementary tools that can help businesses broaden their reach and expand their customer base.

  • Compliant With FCC And FTC Rules

Some businesses may be concerned about the legality of implementing an RVM system. You don’t have to worry because VRM is 100% legal and conforms with guidelines from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Companies who utilize this technology also recognize their customer’s privacy and those in the do not contact list for telemarketing purposes are eventually omitted as sales personnel update their ringless voicemail directories from time to time.

Key Points

Ringless voicemail offers many advantages once it’s incorporated into the business as a marketing and communication channel.

  • It works well in creating brand awareness in customers and provides them the ability to establish contact without interrupting customer activities and schedules.
  • It provides customers the liberty to maintain contact at their most convenient time without having to stay on lengthy calls or answer demanding sales calls.
  • It can also work as a venue for added customer engagement, giving customers alert notifications to ensure their continued following. It can also serve as a venue for issuing rewards for loyal customers and as a tool to redirect customer interest.
  • On the production side, it works well in ensuring that employees do not miss out on appointments and are updated with what’s going on inside the company.
  • Aside from this, it’s also a means to enhance employee morale since it allows them to channel their enthusiasm and creativity into a remarkable sales pitch and give them an automated system to send it to prospective customers all at once. It gives them an efficient method to market the company without having to stay on the phone for the entire day. The automated system makes employees more productive and ready to take on other needed tasks.


Businesses today need to take hold of every available technology to ensure that they can retain and even expand their reach. Low-cost and efficient technologies enable businesses to thrive and provide them with additional opportunities to strengthen their marketing and customer engagement activities. Ringless voicemail offers this capability and more, as it serves customer-facing initiatives and can also work as an effective communication tool for the organization.

As a complementary tool to ringless voicemail, mass text apps can help bring your brand closer to the more text-savvy segment of your audience. Capitalizing on these new methods can ensure that your marketing strategies are effective and encompassing.

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