What? – I’m Too Young for Heart Surgery!

This week is my fourth-year anniversary having heart surgery. Yup. Crazy. So… I am feeling somewhat nostalgic 🙂 What I had was Ablation Surgery. Before surgery, my heart would, for no reason go to 180+ bpm and stay there for seconds, minutes even hours and it was getting worse. It was becoming more and more frequent and a problem…

Cardiac ablation is a procedure to scar or destroy tissue in your heart that’s allowing incorrect electrical signals to cause an abnormal heart rhythm. They basically find these extra abnormal circuits that cause your heart to go wonky and fry them. Good times!! I had two choices, have the surgery or live a life on drugs – heck surgery was the clear winner! I love to run, the idea of not being able to get my heart rate up due to the drugs would inhibit my quality of life. Winter running is my favorite time of year.

I had as the surgeons call it, “an electrical problem”. This mostly affects females in puberty, after childbirth or menopause – yay hormones! This was my “gift” from the birth of my second son, who is as awesome as my first son. Surprisingly, during my education group of what to expect during surgery, two teenagers were part of the group as well as two women and one male all in their 70’s.

The surgery was five hours long, and I won’t lie, quite difficult since I was fully awake. I had a few complications after which you do not need to hear about the gory details. Let’s just say that I remember my nurse, Peter, who was beyond amazing. Nurses Rock!

Anyone who goes into surgery is thinking about mortality – even if the stats are in your favor, it is scary times. Heart surgery is serious.

How has this changed me? Well, my Bullshit tolerance took a drastic realignment. I no longer tolerate people who do not add value to my life. My Gratitude meter kicked it up ten notches, and I have always been a grateful person. The grass was greener, the sky bluer. I ran 15km three weeks after my surgery. I was so thankful to be able to will myself to move and there I go… Such blessings.

Why am I sharing such a personal story? It is because I want everyone who is reading this to know that you have so many choices in life. Don’t let life fold-out, MAKE it happen. You are in charge! I am not saying that shit does not happen, but will you let that “define” you?

Find a calling, not a job. Find your purpose. Take chances. Twenty years ago I did not think I would run my own show enhancing the performance of businesses large and small. However here I am, loving the ride and doing work that is my calling!

I say ride the ride. Turn down your Bullshit-meter a notch. Hug your family and friends tighter. Take time to appreciate nature. Be mindfully present. Put your freaking phone down more often. Turn your face to the sun and be the YOU God wants you to be.

The weather is awesome for November right now in Calgary. I am off for a run…..

This is my good friend Tracy and I trail running in the mountains this past Saturday. That’s grass you see since we put the camera on timer on the ground.


Patty Miller
Patty Miller
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