What If Your “Next” Was NOW?

co-authored with Lynita Mitchell Blackwell

BUSINESS CLASS is a new initiative created BY women FOR women, responding to the need we’ve heard expressed from our  clients –  women who

  • work within an organization who have dreams to break out on their own, but lack the time or money to go back to get an MBA;  
  • have started a small business on a shoestring, but don’t t know how to set up the financial or legal structure to grow to the next level
  • are professionals with terminal degrees – dentists, doctors, engineers, architects – and realize that hanging out one’s “shingle” is a business endeavor and never thought about how to go about doing it.

Elaina Zuker and Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell have been those women.  Demographically different in just about every way, yet they shared the same frustrations and challenges that came with establishing their businesses and growing them into fruitful endeavors. “We realized that something needed to be done – right now – and that we were the ones who were going to have to do it.” And they did. Elaina and Lynita created a comprehensive 12-month webinar series that addresses the critical areas that determine the ultimate success (or crushing defeat) of a business:

  • Creating business STRATEGIES and related GOALS consistent with your vision and dreams
  • Securing capital and FUNDING – for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Selling products and services to the RIGHT customers and clients
  • Public Relations and Branding that get you SEEN and HEARD
  • Legal and Accounting COMPLIANCE considerations
  • Social Media ENGAGEMENT
  • Health and WELLNESS considerations that impact your business

And each of the 16 courses is taught by seasoned, professional women who are working in their fields of expertise RIGHT NOW.

Both Elaina and Lynita have been a part of, led, and grown several businesses over the course of their careers, and are excited about sharing what they’ve learned; and also making sure Business Class participants don’t make the same mistakes they did.  Business Class is a comprehensive program that includes the missing links to many formal educational tracks, allowing you to get the knowledge without the costly mistakes of on-the-job training.  Timely, concise, affordable information, combined with qualified, enthusiastic instruction are the secret spices of Business Class.

Here’s a list of the topics and instructors that will be covered over the course of the year. In addition, there are several bonus sessions to supplement course objectives.

  • Elaina Zuker: THE S-M-A-R-T Strategy for Setting Goals How to Set Goals for Your Most Successful Year Ever! 5 Key Factors
  • Elaina Zuker: A Swift Kick in the Can’ts How to Use Peer-Mentoring ™ to Achieve your Goals
  • Molly Sutherland: Strategic Planning is Really Not Boring! It’s ESSENTIAL!
  • Elaina Zuker: How to Sell Anything to Anyone
  • Melissa Malcolm: Legal Landmines for Employers
  • Deborah Hightower: Next Level Leadership
  • Candace Bazemore: Funding the Good: Three Effective Ways Nonprofits May Approach Fundraising From Government, Foundations, and Community Organizations
  • Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell: Funding Your Business: Securing Capital to Transform the Dream into Reality
  • Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell: You’re Hired! Getting the Right Kind of Help You Need Right Now
  • Lauren Zaslansky-Connor: Branding in Social Media and eCommerce; Through Planning – But Why?
  • Shana Thornton: PR & Your Brand: A Necessary Partnership
  • Cynthia Jouber’t How to Build A Modern PR & Marketing Plan
  • Shaquanna Chappelle: Seal the Deal with Your Image
  • Julie Turner: Your Health and Fitness: How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Taking Care of Business
  • Careshia N. Moore: Stop Seeking Balance and Find Happiness
  • Mylika Morton: Accounting Essentials for Your Small Business
  • Carole Hyatt: Learning from Failure

And here is a FREE “crash course”, a one hour overview of what you’ll learn during the year-long Business Class program.


Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Leadership Champion – Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is a Leadership Champion! CEO of Leading Through Living Community, Lynita guides authors to bestseller status, sharing their stories of empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration. LTLC also executive produces entertaining and informative television and radio shows, movies and events. Lynita is also CEO of BOLD Favor Media Group, publisher of three award-winning lifestyle magazines – BOLD Favor, BOLD Plus, and BOLD Ageless Beauty; as well as producer of the BOLD Lifestyles Awards program celebrating people who inspire us to live boldly and fearlessly. Additionally, Lynita is a National Top 100 Lawyer, leading her own law firm for 12 years, including through the Great Recession of 2007-08. She is also a CPA, having worked within Corporate America at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Deloitte, and then led her own accounting firm. A certified Christian Life Coach and former member of Forbes Magazine’s Coaches Council, Lynita has coached women business owners and leaders through the leadership development and training non-profit she co-founded and named in honor of the founder of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Leaders Institute. An engaging keynote speaker, Lynita is also a bestselling author of three books focused on leadership and business. Lynita is married to Rev. Brian K Blackwell, pastor of St Paul AME Church Smithfield and they have one daughter.

Elaina Zuker
Elaina Zukerhttp://www.ezinfluence.com/
ELAINA is the president of Elaina Zuker Associates in Montréal, Canada. She has taught seminars to hundreds of employees and managers at major corporations such as AT&T, IBM, American Express and MCI International, and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and industry events. She is the author of six books, on leadership, management, and communication. Her best-selling book, “The Seven Secrets of Influence” (McGraw-Hill), the recent Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club, has been translated into four languages and is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle. Her new book, “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” is now available in print at Amazon.com, and as an e-book on Kindle and Nook. Ms. Zuker holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational Development and is the 2004 recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from New York Polytechnic University. To engage Ms. Zuker as a speaker or consultant, to book a seminar for your company or organization or to learn how to become a licensed Affiliate for Secrets of Influence, visit the website at www.ezinfluence.com or contact us at ez4u@ezinfluence.com or by phone at 514-933-5135




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