What If?– Part 4

I wasn’t sure how to begin Part 4. Yes, I am continuing with the media, but I wrestled in my mind about the start. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head. For those who continue to read about historical facts that remain unearthed for many, I thought about Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Vladimir Lenin, the former tormented as a consequence of the brutality under the regime of the Soviet Union.


What If? – Part 3

People often associate the hardship of the Russians under another butcher, Joseph Stalin, and his many misdeeds, including Lysenkoism. Disturbingly, however, little attention has been paid to the violence and massive suffering under the erudite, fanatical, and violent Lenin. I did not know the extent of his tyranny until I read some of the information provided by the historian Gary Saul Morson. For those of you who believe that socialism is a better path to take than our current system, heed the following words from a man who managed to upend sixty million people, bringing them from bad to worse: “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn exposed the tyranny of this faux heaven on earth. I heard his name in the late seventies, and a friend’s mother, not formally educated but well informed, was reading his eye-opening book, The Gulag Archipelago. I have not started it yet, but as it sits alongside my several books to tackle. I will read it as I switch off to escapism fiction.

Mr. Solzenitsyn would probably not be invited to Harvard as he was in the late seventies. Why? Well, his premise would not bode well for those who choose to see what they believe. Also, he would not be “woke” enough.

This reflection brings me back to some of the comments I see. People who arrogantly consider themselves enlightened and open-minded huff and puff with righteous indignation against their fellow Americans who see the world differently. “How dare they?” Their implicit message reads. “I am superior and knowledgeable compared to you, ignoramuses.” They tolerantly, not, go on to attack and scorn those who for a long time were also indoctrinated and thought like them but made the painful decision to leave the collective. The only way these individuals changed their thinking was by opening their minds to other media sources besides those with the ABCs (more about the alphabet later) and information from the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, and the famous cousin of the Gray Lady.

Let us talk about the cousin who points out lies for others with a famous fairytale. I can hear it now, “Pinocchio, Pinocchio let down your… nose?” Oh, sorry, Gepetto, confusing this with Rapunzel (having long hair, I could not resist). How many Pinocchios do they give themselves? I do not know because, disclaimer, I do not read this questionable purveyor of the truth. For years, I read Investors Business Daily that provided many of the columns written across the pages of WaPo. I read them as I did the other side where I discovered the likes of the great Thomas Sowell, but I digress. I also have read enough about their purported facts, which continue to give me pause. Their bias has no bounds, not just from the pundits but from professed esteemed reporters.

Once upon a time, there was a white dude. Hold on. I thought you do not identify by physicality. I don’t, but for this story, it serves my purpose. Anyway, this white dude and his ilk despised the notion that an outsider, a deplorable, unwashed person who spoke like those little people, might lead the country and alter the establishment. Hey, hey, hey, no way. Their fangs appeared. As much as they tried, nothing could convince the reprehensible not to vote for this soon-to-be boor in office.

Suddenly, an idea began to sow. These elite reporters heard all about “Russia, Russia, Russia.” The white dude and his partners-in-reporting perpetrated “a big fat lie” that no one refers to as a big lie, originating from the opposition. Destruction of character is the only choice. Their pack leader, a Gazillionaire, also despised the notorious commander in chief, so they knew they could have their way. These dedicated servants of the Fourth Estate went at it, and soon their wish came through with the appointment of a gigantic investigative team to explore the Russian fable, golden showers and all. The newspaper of note was elated, congratulating themselves even as it cost the minuscule taxpayers millions of dollars. “There, you stupid ones, you will pay for your decision, and he will go down.” After all of that money and drama, a dazed and confused ex FBI agent, the head of this investigation, mumbled and fumbled about no clear evidence. Also, a courageous truth-sayer and his team member, Kash, a man of color, were brash and would not dash from the truth.

Eventually, the election eradicated the unpolished leader, but that was not enough. Oh no. The white dude is trying to smash the brash Kash and force him to crash. Oh, disgustingly, my.

It is not enough for the opposition to win. Whether it be the designated media and their loyal followers, those who even question circumstances around the election must be banished. If people in our great country do not succumb to the elites and their sheep’s conventional wisdom, extinction is the only option. What better way than through racialistic slurs? How far, unfortunately, have we come, heading in the wrong direction.

Before I end, I have a question for those who are ashamed of the United States. If this country is so horrific, why do so many people risk their lives attempting to enter? Inquiring minds want to know.

To Be Continued.


Darlene Corbett
Darlene Corbett
Darlene Corbett views herself as a life-long learner, a pursuer of excellence, a work-in-progress, and a seeker-of-the-truth. She is also referred to as the "Unstuck Expert" in her many roles. Why? Because for over thirty years, she has been assisting people to get unstuck. Darlene's primary roles are now Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and Author/Writer. Although she loves speaking, it is now secondary and done mainly through her podcast, "Get Unstuck Now. Because of her wealth of experience, Darlene began putting her thoughts on paper.  Many of her blogs can also be found on Medium, Sixty and Me, and Penning these articles set the stage for her first book, "Stop Depriving The World of You," traditionally published by Sound Wisdom. Being a believer in pushing oneself as long as one has life, Darlene has tried her hand at fiction, hoping to have something completed in the no-so-distant future. Over the years, Darlene has been described as animated or effervescent which contradicts the perception of a psychotherapist. She firmly believes in the importance of being authentic and discusses platinum-style authenticity in her book.

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