What If an Uninsured Motorist Injures You?

As disorienting and harmful as a vehicle accident can be, that’s not the scariest it can get.  Going through an accident, getting rushed away for medical care, and only then finding out that the motorist who caused the accident isn’t insured is enough to make some people want to scream.  This type of accident happens more often than people think and puts victims from car accidents in a really tough position.  How are they supposed to pay their medical bills and vehicle repair bills if the other person didn’t have any insurance?

Is It Their Car?

Was the owner of the vehicle present?  If not, does the vehicle owner know that they had an uninsured driver behind the wheel?  If that’s the case, the owner of the vehicle may be liable, and you might be able to go through their insurance to get the payments you need to cover your medical costs and for the repair of your vehicle.  This incident can be a tricky situation, especially if the car was stolen or if the owner was incapacitated in some way.  In many cases like this, one would have to take the case to court to be reviewed there.

Lawsuit Against Them

This option is the most apparent course of action and is allowed in most states.  If you get harmed by an uninsured motorist, you can sue to cover the medical bills and vehicle repair bills.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean that the uninsured driver can pay this amount.  Most uninsured drivers are only uninsured because they can’t afford insurance, which leaves you suing for the money you might never see.  If you talk to a car accident attorney in Columbia, MO, they can help you work around this considerable inconvenience.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Some insurance, not all of it, covers you if you’re in a collision with an uninsured motorist.  There’s a higher chance of pushback from your insurance if you try to use this, so you need to make sure to document everything at every step.  Taking this step means that you’ll be using your insurance to cover your bills.  Contact them early, let them know what’s going on, and figure out what steps you can take to make this go smoothly.  If they refuse to pay the full amount you need, you can seek legal action.

Was It A Company Vehicle?

Suppose the vehicle that hit you was a delivery van or pizza truck that belongs to the business and not the driver. In that case, the company itself may be liable for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle.  Seek out information from the driver and determine if the vehicle owner knowingly let someone uninsured behind the wheel.  This action may allow you to get out of having to pay for injuries that weren’t your fault.

You deserve to be able to heal and move past your automobile accident.  It’s never easy to go through that kind of trauma, but at least knowing that you won’t have to pay for it out of pocket can make it easier.

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