What If?

Imagine, if you will, if we were all, as I’ve heard it once described, True Creative Essence total immersion reading the story of [me… fill in the blank]. Would we live our lives differently?

Would we step outside ourselves and look at our lives as though it were a movie? Would we be able to view our lives as though it were nothing other than just a story?

It’s hard to think that we could. It’s hard to think that our lives are so menial, but perhaps it would make everything easier to think that it is all a story, and we are just a small piece of a bigger picture playing a role that was already written.


Are our lives scripted? Is it all just an illusion as many religions believe? I like to think it is. It certainly makes everything easier if we can accept that. If we can sit back in an easy chair eating popcorn, watching the movie that is our lives play out.  That is not to say we do not take an active role in our lives, it is simply a metaphor for how we view our stories.


If we view our lives as a story, it is easier to be less emotionally attached. It is easier to accept our paths.

Does anyone else have arguments inside their heads or am I crazy? It’s like I have multiple personalities sometimes and some of them are downright mean. “What were you thinking, you idiot?” or “You are so stupid!” And then the reasonable one chimes in with. “Oh stop that, what’s done is done.

How much will I allow the chatter in my head to occupy my inner sanctity? But if I step outside myself and watch, everything is suddenly easier and the dialogue quiets.

I like to think that when I am motivated to do anything, it is because that is what Spirit/God/The Universe is guiding me to do.

I like to think we are all connected and we are all one, and that our stories collide regardless of what we do, or how hard we may try to navigate another course. Everything comes full circle at some point. There is always a beginning and always an end, but the circle is endless and the lines will forevermore be blurred.


Dorothy Preston
Dorothy Preston
Dorothy Preston has a degree in Communications/Media and has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty years. She is also an avid reader and an insatiable seeker of truth and spirituality. It took many years and many tears to finally realize that true happiness can only come from within. Dorothy has lived in Maine, New Hampshire, and New York, but is currently settled in her native state of Massachusetts just outside of Boston. She and her husband recently purchased land in what is commonly referred to as Down East Maine, and are planning on settling there in the next few years. Dorothy’s debut memoir, Getting Off the Radiator: A Story of Shame, Guilt, and Forgiveness, was just published. It is Dorothy’s hope that she can share her journey with those having gone through similar ordeals so they might learn that forgiveness truly is divine, and along with it comes peace.

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  1. Very interesting insights Dorothy. We spend 100% of out time with ourselves and as a result we often have voices in our heads that are critical and unkind. Thankfully, as you so aptly pointed out, we have a voice that will stop us – if we don’t tune it out!

    As you, I believe we are guided in what we do and say and if we pay close attention to inner promptings, if you will, we will all be able to have a tremendous impact as our stories collide!