What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job?

If you ever hear the words “you’re fired” from your boss, a million emotions will probably start running through your head. You may even start questioning yourself. While being fired certainly bruises your ego, if you let it, it can also turn into a chance to learn from past mistakes. You may be surprised to find out that even highly successful people like Steve Jobs have faced adversity in their careers. Jobs was actually fired from the company he helped create! But instead of putting his life on hold, he founded another company that was later acquired by Apple, prompting his return as CEO. While returning to the company that fired you isn’t always a realistic goal, his sentiment of “Just figure out what’s next” serves as an important reminder to focus on the present and keep moving toward the future.

In the visual below, take lessons from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and creative minds to reframe being fired as an opportunity for growth.

8 Lessons from Successful People on Being FiredCourtesy of Credit.com

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  1. I agree, of course, every suggestion.
    I think the first thing to do is not to lose sight of yourself. A society that is used to identifying with the work we do, makes us in the eyes of the world of subjects without identity, putting aside what we really are. Nothing could be more wrong: one of the first things to remember is never to lose sight of yourself; we are our interests, our passions and our thoughts, first of all. Identifying yourself with your job and associating your identity with it is a phenomenon that mostly concerns those who have many years of career behind them.