What Do Women Cherish in Men?

Though women are less visual than men, yet, they are attracted to good-looking men. This however is not what women cherish the most in men, and this is not why they want to stay with them forever. With time many men become bold while women become grey. We all wear clothes a size or a few sizes bigger.


What Do Men Really Cherish in Women?

So, what are those traits that make women want to spend the whole life with their man?

Women need to feel loved. Though many men don’t often say, “I love you,” they show their love by actions, and actions speak louder than words; for example, when they bring her a rose with no occasion when they surprise her with a gift with no reason when they bring her breakfast to bed or cook a dinner and arrange a romantic atmosphere at home. These, very often little effort, mean so much. They mean that men think about their woman. Women adore men who are romantic and who take them regularly for a date, just two of them, even if it is only once a month. This way men show that they truly want to spend time with her, even after 20 years together.

When a relationship is stuck in a rut, it faces a big problem. So, surprise each other from time to time.

Many men call their woman, “darling” or “honey.” However, if they also call other women the same way, it is not special anymore. Women love when their man calls them cute and different from all other women.

Women cherish men who have a sense of humor and who can do even small and goofy things to make them laugh.

Women need attention, and they have the need to be seen and heard. They like when men listen when they need to tell them about their feelings, needs, daily stuff, and so on, and men are then genuinely present, they show their understanding, patience, compassion, and empathy. Women want a partnership, friendship, and companionship with their man.

Women cherish men who are honest and can be trusted, and men who are faithful.

When we enter into a committed relationship, when we get married, our partner becomes our primary loyalty. Women adore men who protect and defend them when someone else offends them, including their parents. Women, like men, need to be respected and appreciated, for all the work they do and for bringing joy in the family. It is the worst when women feel ignored and taken for granted. Plus, we all like to receive compliments.

Women cherish smart men who are confident in what they are doing, and who have some interests and hobbies.

In addition, women adore men who do what they promise to do. They need to be sure that they can count on their man. Women admire men who take responsibility for their actions. When they do something that hurts them or when they make a mistake, they say, “Sorry.” Not to mention, women love men who are emotionally matured, who can forgive and stay calm when disagreeing.

Women cherish men who care for themselves, their health and hygiene, and who truly care for their woman.

Nowadays, more and more women make careers and develop themselves in various areas of their lives. They cherish men who support them in their personal and professional development, who understand their needs, and who celebrate their achievements. Furthermore, they encourage their woman to do hobbies and to grow. Everyone needs a balance in every area of their lives, work, and relaxation.

Women cherish men who are always kind to everyone, privately and publicly, and they love their families on both sides.

Many women would like men to contribute to raising their children and doing household, especially when both of them have part-time or full-time jobs. I understand that there are cultural aspects here. In many countries, women stay at home. I used to live in Latin America and I understand the life there. I was a stay-at-home mom at that time. Let’s remember that work at home is hard and unpaid, and unfortunately, it is often undervalued. It is beautiful when men have also a certain role at home.

Moreover, women adore men who show that their woman is sexually desired, men who tell her how sexy she is. Sexiness doesn’t know age. Affection and intimacy are necessary to sustain every healthy romantic relationship. Keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Finally, women cherish men who make them their priority #1.


Sylwia Borowy
Sylwia Borowy
Sylwia is a Certified Life Coach who handles the whole range of different human problems and situations. She helps her clients rediscover the strengths, passions, and potential, and find a new purpose in life. She helps them boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and find more joy and positivity in their lives. In her coaching practice, she focuses on the key relationships in the lives of her clients, and she helps them improve those relationships. Why? Because, as human beings, we have the need to belong to communities. Together with her clients, she brainstorms various options and ideas so that her clients can live happily according to their values and beliefs. Her motto is: “Believe in Your Strengths.” She started her career as a Banker after graduating from the Warsaw School of Economics where she earned her master’s degree in Economics. After 16 years working in Risk Management area in Poland and in the Netherlands, she enjoyed ex-pat life in Brazil and Mexico for another 8 years raising her twins, now young adults. After she experienced several challenging transitions in her life, she decided to help others through her coaching services and writing about how to enjoy life.

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