Debbie Entreprenurial Spiritby Debbie Ruston, Columnist & Featured Contributor

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]W[/su_dropcap]E HAVE ALL BEEN THERE ….feeling like we have more to do than we have time. This is where overwhelm sets in. It can be frustrating, stressful and leave one feeling inadequate. Through my own experience I have learned some powerful techniques to push through this feeling.

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[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Take a step back – Don’t attempt to tackle everything at once…this is why you feel overwhelmed. Look at everything that needs addressing from a bigger overall perspective, and put things in priority.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Breath and relax – When you are overwhelmed, your feelings can get out of control. Whenever you feel yourself getting into this state, stop, close your eyes, and take some calming breaths. Allow yourself a few moments to relax. Yoga and meditation is a great way to get yourself centered and calm. Equally beneficial, go for a walk in nature, or have a bubble bath. Do something that relaxes you, so you can regain control.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Identify the first step to take – We don’t have to have everything figured out and we don’t have to finish everything at the same time. Taking the first step will often help in identifying the next step to take, and the next, and so on.

Overwhelmed[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Delegate when necessary – Learn to let go of things that do not need to be done by you. If you are a perfectionist, it’s time to let go of that, and strive for excellence instead…it is far less stressful and more maintainable long term. Devote your time to the things that can only be done by you, and make sure you delegate the other things.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Surround yourself with great people – This goes hand in hand with delegating….when you have great people in your business, it is much easier to delegate allowing you to focus on the bigger things.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Don’t make it a thing We can blow things out of proportion and make small things big things that spiral out of control. Use these words – don’t make it a thing – in your self talk and consciously make a decision to stay calm.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Tick completed tasks off on your list This is a surprisingly overlooked practice that makes a big difference. When you are checking off all those “to dos” it gives you a sense of progress and accomplishment.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-check-square”] Recognize your capability – You are more capable than you realize. The key is to not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed and trust yourself that you are fully capable of handling what is in front of you.[/message]

Successful entrepreneurs have all the same struggles…the difference is developing your mindset to effectively deal with challenges, understanding is is all simply part of the process towards success.

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