What Do Men Really Cherish in Women?

It’s not what most women think.

Women often think that the look is the most important aphrodisiac to attract a man. Yes, that’s right, it is true to get a man to approach a woman for the first time because men are very much visual.

But, if a woman wants to keep her man by her side forever, something else is much more important. You see, the physical attraction will fade away over the months and certainly over the years.

There are certain traits that will always attract any man. If a woman loses any of them, she might find him withdrawing. And it doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been together — a few weeks, three months, a year, 20 years. He may slowly lose his attraction to her and it’s important to say that men need to be challenged all the time.

If a man meets a beautiful woman at an event and starts talking to her, he might end the conversation very quickly if she appears to be a negative or very serious person. However, when he approaches a nice-looking woman, just average, not with a perfect body, and he starts talking to her, he can be mesmerized very quickly and won’t want to finish the conversation.

Why? Please read further.

Men will always look at gorgeous looking women and we women should not blame them for that. This is in their nature. However, they will be truly attracted to a woman by other traits. So, it doesn’t matter how old a woman is, whether she is tall or short, whether she has a great body with the right curves or not, or whether she has children or not.

It’s her friendly smile, sparkling eyes, happy face. Men love beautiful eyes; also eye contact is very important. Facial expressions say so much about everyone. It is her confident and relaxed posture and her graceful movements. Men love cool women who feel comfortable in any situation in a natural way.

Every man loves when his woman is social and fun to be around, she has a sense of humor, she laughs at herself and the jokes of others. Men love to be around women who are playful. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

Do you remember how you were both laughing at the beginning of the relationship, you did everything to attract each other. You were doing everything to make him laugh. He did it, too. Then, over time, you started talking more seriously, pointing out negative stuff to each other. You noticed that you both seemed to have less fun together.

It’s also the intelligence and attitude. Men like women who know what’s happening in the world. If she doesn’t know something, she is not afraid to ask questions. She has the skills to engage another person in an interesting conversation. She is also a good listener. If she talks only about superficial and boring stuff, he won’t be attracted. She needs to challenge his mind. Men love successful women who know what they want in life. They are crazy about women who know their value, who are smart and independent, who are confident, who have their own interests and hobbies, and who enjoy their lives.

Obviously, their sexiness always remains very important. Remember about it.

Men admire women who are always kind and polite to anyone, who don’t get irritated about little things, women who can control their emotions, and are able to compromise. They love women who don’t judge them or others, who don’t speak negatively about others.

Men like women who care for them.

Concluding, it is not about the beauty only, but much more. It’s the whole package.


Sylwia Borowy
Sylwia Borowy
Sylwia is a Certified Life Coach who handles the whole range of different human problems and situations. She helps her clients rediscover the strengths, passions, and potential, and find a new purpose in life. She helps them boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and find more joy and positivity in their lives. In her coaching practice, she focuses on the key relationships in the lives of her clients, and she helps them improve those relationships. Why? Because, as human beings, we have the need to belong to communities. Together with her clients, she brainstorms various options and ideas so that her clients can live happily according to their values and beliefs. Her motto is: “Believe in Your Strengths.” She started her career as a Banker after graduating from the Warsaw School of Economics where she earned her master’s degree in Economics. After 16 years working in Risk Management area in Poland and in the Netherlands, she enjoyed ex-pat life in Brazil and Mexico for another 8 years raising her twins, now young adults. After she experienced several challenging transitions in her life, she decided to help others through her coaching services and writing about how to enjoy life.

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