What Do Lungs Mean to Our Body?

“Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: human five internal organs are like central officers to a kingdom. The lungs “balance, govern, and control the vitality of the body”. They are like the prime minister to a kingdom.

If the whole body is weak, it indicates a lung problem.

Every day at 3-5 am: Lungs are on duty of body deep-sleep-self-healing redistribution of Qi and Blood; People need deep sleep for the body to be in a relatively calm status. If the body is actively awake, huge extra energy will be consumed to interfere with the function of the distribution of Qi and Blood.

COVID19’s damage to the lung is like a mid-night wake-up call from nature to humans in deep sleep status.

Why? Nature is intending to rebalance the material world created by collective human consciousness, as humans are species that depend on nature, and naturally connected to everything and the universe.

Human thoughts determine actions to create, produce, consume, eat, work, live… and material reality. Only when each of us purifies our own conscious mind and cognition, collectively turn our minds together, can we overcome the epidemic, protect our nature.

If we are all filled with compassion, kindness, and love, the virus will slowly disappear automatically.

Helen Qiu
Helen Qiu
I call myself "Innovator and Future Explorer". I believe that who we are determines what we do; and what we give, what we receive. I have an innate passion for how high technology changes human life, and I am interested in transforming the impossible into possible to make our life better in this fast-developing digital age. I care about people. I work hard on aging, mental health, and homeless social matters. I also care about how to inspire our new generation for a brighter future, as they are the ones we are going to count on. I love learning and sharing. I am a big fan of traditional Chinese culture and wisdom. I adapt them in guiding my daily practices. I post articles regarding emotional intelligence, mental health, physical health, inspiration, motivation, business, technology, and educations. While I do yoga and medication to listen to my inner voice, I also call myself a "professional mediator".


  1. Love this Helen and I agree there’s a re-balance of so many aspects happening. Waking us up to remember our human forms are vulnerable, we die, it’s normal. Also to wake us up to the many ideas we’ve taken to be truths – trapping ourselves in mind-made prisons. And the broader wake-up you describe to the world we’ve been creating.

    I also see the automatic, natural disappearance of the virus on waking up. Not through following governmental or medical guidance (although those will be done if they make sense on the way to clarity) but rather through the realisation of our true nature. On seeing that love, equality, balance and connection are obvious and don’t need to be legislated for.

  2. Interesting perspective Helen! I remember studying Qi Gong long ago at one of our local medical schools.

    Your comment about compassion, kindness and love is important. Because I see that as suggesting that by having compassion, kindness and love — each person will compassionately, kindly, lovingly do the steps that public health folks are saying are helpful.


  3. It is a very interesting and shareable perspective.
    I would like to add, however, that some necessary initiatives and behaviors should also be adopted.
    As for the initiative, I mean that governments will finally work towards a constant commitment to invest resources for the health of citizens.
    As for behavior, I am thinking of people’s sense of responsibility to scrupulously carry out the directives that are given to contain the infection, in mutual respect. And there is no doubt that respect, love, compassion can help keep the sense of responsibility alive.