What Could Happen When More Parents Start to Reenter the Workforce in a Balanced Way?

My interview process has been exhausting. For over a year now I’ve been sending out resumes and pitching my credentials and experience to the corporate world. While I’ve done A LOT of interviews, I haven’t received many offers.

Several companies seemed interested in my technical background and portfolio of experience but then shied away when I boldly mentioned that I have two kids and have the requirement of working remotely, at least for the majority of the time.

Until today.

Today I got a great job offer from a company that really seems to get it

The guy who interviewed me, who’s going to be my new boss, lists “developing my role as a stay-at-home Dad to two young daughters” prominently in the second sentence of his LinkedIn bio. He was courageous enough to put this ahead of his sales role for the fast-growing tech company he works for. THIS is amazing, in my humble opinion.

Mind. Blown.

I finally feel like I have a chance to succeed. By that, I mean succeed with a work-life balance that brings in enough income, and also gives me as a human, the space I know I need to stay healthy, productive, and sane.

The space I need to sleep well, exercise enough, and prepare good foods for myself and my family – isn’t going to be found at a job where I have to shackle myself to a desk – in order to talk to a bunch of clients who aren’t even in the office.

It’s not going to be found at a job where I have to spend 2 hours a day driving in traffic to an office on the other side of town.

I’m going to give this company my heart! I can be generous when I feel like they’re going to trust me, and I can return the favor. And I’m going to kick some serious butt for the mission of my team. I’m SO excited to be entering a corporate company that values the contributions I have to offer – both as a professional and as a person.

All the talk about “international women’s day” and “valuing diversity and inclusion” is just talk – unless a company is really willing to act on this philosophy and walk the walk.

So what could happen when more corporate entities really start to clue into this new reality?

What could happen when our economy starts to open up to the possibility of making room in their constant push for innovation and growth – for things like employees napping, slowing down and taking quiet time, and having space to care for children, partners, and self?

What could happen when Partnerism really starts to take a hold of how we do our day-to-day work in the world?

The world could change drastically. And it looks like that’s the direction we are headed.

Because not only is a partnership mindset better and healthier in every way than the old dog-eat-dog, push-til-you-drop, competition, and domination mindset. It’s also more profitable.

When caring and innovation work side by side, instead of at counter-purposes, INCREDIBLE things can happen.

This change will give us all access to the flow that the free-market, fear-based way of the past has effectively throttled. Letting go of our attachments gives us the tools to gently heal our most avoidant tendencies. And bringing appreciation for the soft, yin, beautiful things of life allows us to generate acceptance of what is really real.

Also – parenting is a serious endurance sport. Companies that are open to the possibilities of creating nurturing jobs for people who strongly value their ability to care and give care will reap some serious ROI from this forward-thinking attitude. This switch means they have unlocked the key to opening up a whole new pool of highly trained, and tenacious talent. Talent that has before now, been blocked from contributing to the business world.

These are the companies who are exiting #manbox culture, and exhibiting the vulnerability it’s going to take to be successful in the next phase of the global economy.

There are so many issues and challenges to address right now in the world.

Get more parents of all kinds back in the workforce with flexible jobs, and we’ll see the changes start to take hold. Let people show up as they are, and with what is important to them – and they will bring a fierce loyalty to your cause. Stop thinking that kids are a distraction, and start seeing them for what they really are – an intensive training regimen that forces parents to become resourceful, efficient, multi-threaded, and kind!

Positive change in individual homes and companies can ripple up and through the economy as a whole. They’ll change how organizations use messaging, advertising, and social platforms for the better. Because how we show up at home informs how we show up at work.

How companies that show up for their people with inclusive attitudes will inform how the economy works. And changing how the economy works can change how humans relate to each other and the planet as a whole.

It’s time to bring back the balance. I’m going to start with my new job at Tricentis – the amazing company that sent their offer out to me today. Just wait and see what we can do together!


Kaia Tingley
Kaia Tingley
Kaia Maeve Tingley is a fiercely poetic author, highly technical systems designer, and overeducated freelance artist for hire. She constantly ponders ways to make the world a better place. If you'd like to contact her, please reach out on LinkedIn here.

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