What Are the Most Common Phone Scams People Need To Know?

If you are looking for internet home phone, you need to be alert for possible phone scams. Unfortunately, these are incredibly common. There are countless unscrupulous individuals who are looking to take advantage of people who simply do not know any better. Therefore, when you hook up that home phone service, you need to keep your ears open for some of these tell-tale signs of a phone scam. What are the most common examples of phone scams that take place?

A Threatening Phone Call from Someone Posing as the IRS

One of the most common phone scams is a threatening phone call from the IRS. There are scammers who will make a phone call to someone, posing as the IRS. The thought of somehow owing the government thousands of dollars is enough to get anyone stressed. Therefore, you need to keep your wits about you. Keep in mind that the IRS is probably going to reach out to you in multiple ways, such as a hard letter. If you have someone posing as the IRS calling you, do not believe them. Certainly, do not surrender any of your personal information to that individual.

Phone Calls Offering a Fake Prize for a Contest

Another common phone scam that people might hear is a phone call posing as a contest. They may say that you have won a free prize. A free cruise is a common example. Then, all they need is your bank account information (or some other type of personal information they can use to steal your identity). Do not fall for this. You probably do not even remember entering a contest. Furthermore, they should not require this information to give you a free prize. Hang up on this obvious phone scam.

A Phone Call Posing as a Charity Organization

The past few months have been difficult. This is especially true for a charity. Therefore, you might be compelled to donate to someone who poses as a charity organization. It is unusual for charities to cold-call people asking for money. The only charities that do this would be the charities to which you have donated before. If someone calls posing as a charity, do not feel obligated to give anything. Make sure it is a real charity before you decide to open your wallet. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to donate over the phone. Use a more secure donation platform.

Make Sure You Stay Alert for These Fake Phone Calls

These are just a few of the most common examples of phone scams that people might notice. When you are looking for a home phone service, try to find a service that can filter out some of these scam calls. Then, make sure that you keep your wits about you. Do not let these people get you emotional because then you will not think straight. As long as you think clearly, you should be able to see through these charades. Protect your personal information and hard-earned money from harm.

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