What Are the Benefits of Doing Big Chores First

If you have a list of chores that need to get done, you might find yourself naturally sliding towards the ones that you can get done easily and quickly, and leaving the bigger jobs for later on in the day. But did you know that there are actually plenty of benefits to doing the bigger and more difficult work first? Here are a few examples of the benefits you’ll get when you do the bigger jobs first.

You’ll have more time in the day to do things you enjoy

Instead of waiting around to wash the laundry room sink and laundry room faucet, you could easily get it done and have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. You can get laundry done without worrying about the faucet. You can mop the floors, wash the dishes, or you can just sit around and watch a movie because that job will be done.

You will no longer feel stressed about that big job

When you leave the big job for last, you are going to do all of the small jobs all day with a feeling on your back that is weighing you down. If it is a big chore and you are not excited to do it, you are giving yourself unnecessary stress by pushing it off for even longer. If you go ahead and get the job done first, you can do the smaller chores while letting your mind drift off into something else. But if you don’t do the big chore first, you will only be able to think about the big job and the other smaller jobs will suffer for it.

Your work quality won’t be as good if you don’t get the big job done first

Bringing up a point from the previous statement: If you don’t get the big job done first, you won’t be able to let your mind wander off into other things while getting the small jobs done. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you do bad work when you aren’t paying attention, you still won’t be giving the small jobs the attention that they deserve in order to be done correctly. What you need to do is get the big job off of your mind by doing it first and then you can have the rest of the day to let your mind wonder without having the weight of the world on your back.

You will rest easy at night knowing only small jobs are left over

If you don’t get the smaller chores done before the end of the night, you won’t have to worry about it as much as you would if you didn’t get the big chores done. If you go to bed with a few small chores left unfinished, it is not going to ruin your sleep. But if you forget about the big chore, your sleep will likely suffer, even if you don’t directly link it to that.

It has been found in a lot of people with anxiety that chores weigh on your brain even when you forget about them. So even if you don’t remember the chore, or that it needs to be done quickly, your brain still remembers somewhere deep down. And that is when you won’t be able to sleep until you get it sorted out. It is a lot easier to just get the job done right away if it is big and going to weigh on you while you are sleeping.

You will get into a routine of doing the big jobs and never procrastinate again

Once you get into a routine of doing the bigger jobs, you won’t feel like pushing them off anymore. Your brain will naturally choose to do the bigger and more difficult chores first because it will realize how much easier your days are when you go ahead and finish the complicated things before moving on. This will take some time to come into effect, and you will need to have multiple big jobs consistently that need to be done in order for your brain to stick to this routine. If that happens, then you will be able to say goodbye to procrastination.

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