What Are “Solopreneurs” And Are There More And More Of Them?

There was once a time when starting your own business was the last thing on your mind. The world of entrepreneurs was kinda reserved for crazy ambitious individuals with the proper educational background and usually someone who helped them to get in the business world.

The work that had to be done in order to achieve that was just hectic. Keeping in mind a mountain of paperwork, long hours and inevitably a lot more people involved with the project, the risk of failure was huge.

Not anymore. On the horizon, we can now see a completely new generation of people, young ambitious and creative individuals who are slowly but surely reshaping the business world. They are straying away from big corporations and mega companies and in the most ingenious way starting their own businesses. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you solopreneurs.

Origins of the trend

So, who are solopreneurs? Of course, we are talking about millennials. Young people who do not resonate well with the nine-to-five philosophy and the fixed paycheck. They think outside the box and dance to the beat of their own drum. With the rise of the internet, business options started appearing. We can now all understand that internet is a huge open market, but although we took advantage of this, we are just starting to utilize the full potential of the almighty web.

Recent economic fails shook the word, devastated millions of people and pushed them into thinking how to break free from big companies and lower the risk of being taken back alongside the company they work for.

For solopreneurs, there are much more benefits than risks. As the phrase is self-explained, solopreneurs are people who work alone. The idea of you being the only one responsible for your business can be quite liberating. If there is no one else involved you feel more comfortable with the risk of the potential failure. No one else will suffer due to the unfortunate occasion.

You don’t have to compromise and of course the most important one – you decide how much work has to be done and how many hours a day you need to achieve your goal. This leaves you with enough time to make the best of life. You can travel, find a hobby or just spend more quality time with your family while supporting them financially.

What does it take to go solo?

Besides the initial idea of what your business is going to be (which you can also get from the internet), there is not much more you need to begin your journey, set your work hours and make money from home. what you need is, I believe, something you already have. A computer, an internet connection, cell phone and you are all set. Besides your business social media page, it’s a good idea to get a web domain (this can be very cheap) and create a website where you can display your business in its full glare. With the proper keywords setting on your page, you can easily make sure you are visible on the web and that those keywords, containing the name of your business, product or service lead your potential customers straight to you.

When it comes to advertising your business, things have never been easier. Of course, I am talking about social networks. Besides being the biggest social network and the biggest virtual community in the world, Facebook is the most advanced and the most sophisticated advertising tool ever created. Facebook allows you to easily find and target your audience and potential customers with the pinpoint precision and the cost of just a few dollars. It instantly makes you visible to your potential clients and makes your business grow really fast.

Potential for success

If you think that we are just talking about a “side-hustle” or just a little something to boost your finances, let me tell you that most recent studies report that there is a huge number of solopreneurs who are pushing over 1 million dollars in revenue!

One of the brightest examples of young and successful solopreneurs is 12 years old Caitlin Glover from the United Kingdom who developed dyslexia diagnosing tool by using virtual reality. Caitlin then pitched her idea Syper Education. Debbie Wosskow and Ancorn Aspirations recognised the potential and ingeniousness of this project and helped Caitlin put her product on the market. There is so much we can learn from this clever little girl.

The change is the only constant thing in the world. Maybe it’s time to stop for a second and think about this new business model those ingenious young people brought to light. In the end, the youth is our future.

Phil Piletic
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