I‘m pleased to share my Guest appearance on Marc Mawhinney’s Natural Born Coaches Podcast. Marc is passionate about helping coaches get more clients and build stronger coaching businesses!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why is forgiveness is so important for each and every one of us
  • How to start forgiveness as a tool
  • That forgiveness does not mean acceptance
  • The single thing that is required for you to be free


“Forgiveness is an emotional tool for emotional issues.”

“So you have to come to terms with what’s important to you, and how you can understand the person who harmed or traumatized you.”

“Forgiveness liberates the soul and it removes fear.”

“Since forgiveness can give you more confidence, more creativity, more productivity, more time, less fear and more money, I would say give it a try.”

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Joanne Victoria
JOANNE Victoria, The I Know What Works Coach, is the author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want and Pushy For a Moment-Instant Solutions to Everyday Challenges. Joanne lives in the Seattle area. After professions such as Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company, owner of New Directions, a business development firm as well as Gemma & Bixley, a coaching and consulting company, Joanne was ready for her next adventure, helping IT people live the life they want. Joanne took her business and personal development, added in several ounces of intuition and humor, along with studies in philosophy, Buddhism, and leadership, all to be the best qualified I Know What Works Coach ever. Joanne is the host of the "The San • IT Project Podcast", and partners with IT Professionals in Telecommunications, Technology, Entertainment and Mass Media whose work/life integration plan has imploded and who want more success, more confidence, more fun and more inner peace.
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Dr. Mary Lippitt

Forgiveness let’s beauty back into your life.

Maureen Nowicki
Maureen Nowicki

I very much agree with your words, Joanne that forgiveness does liberate the soul and removes fear. What an incredible gift to give oneself and ultimately all of us, really! Thank you.

Obi Peter
Obi Peter

I am have been pondering on this important matter Forgiveness,and what it has caused in the area of my work, which is conflict and peace interventions. many Nigerians do not have the spirit to forgive, rather they act on what I have personally called ” forvenge”. Applying the principles of forgiveness in our work and making sure both the society and religious bodies- the mosques and church leaders talk about it, and others as well, would immensely heal alot dangerous and wicked outbursts. I like us to find a way to help me work on forgiveness, teach people and let me see it work.