What About The Human Element?

The Human element is still missing from too many workplaces. Too many leaders still see this as ‘the pink and fluffy stuff’.

Old management habits can be hard to break. We may say we do these things, but what is the real experience of the people working in our organisations? In a world which is changing rapidly, the way we are working is all too often not working.

There is a better way. We can start by deciding to infuse humanity into our organisations. We can show our appreciation and respect for other human beings by the way we show up at work. We can acknowledge people for who they are, rather than the output they produce. What would work feel like where people were excited and fuelled by purpose at the beginning of each working day, and then finish work each day feeling valued and fulfilled?

Imagine the impact that would have on performance in organisations and the positive impact for wider society if that was most people’s normal experience of work.

We cannot afford to simply talk about putting people first, we have to actually do it. This isn’t just employees, but all the stakeholders impacted by our organisations.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Millerhttps://www.apexhr.co.uk/
My 'Why' is to inspire a movement towards truly people-centred organizations. Organizations which see the person first and the employee second. A Coach, facilitator, and catalyst for positive change, I thrive on the challenge of making the world of work better and more humanized for people in organizations. I love networking and collaborating to share fresh ideas, insights and to learn. I have an in-depth knowledge and practical 'hands-on' experience of leading HR and Organizational Development projects. I am a visionary who rethinks what is possible when it comes to HR, leadership and the future of work, igniting positive change in others. Never forgetting the real reason behind my work, I love spending time with my wife Kelly and my children who are the centre of my world and the reason behind my 'Why'.


  1. Bravo, Kevin! I commend you for writing about a topic that does not get written about nearly enough. The reason (or so I believe) many companies do not try to infuse more humanity into their culture or place a higher premium on making their employees feel like people as opposed to just machines is based on a belief that employees can be replaced as easily as parts on a car which in some instances may be true. The prevailing mentality (stated or not) is that if you are dissatisfied with your job or any part thereof you are free to leave. Voicing your opinion may result in the employee being labeled as a complainer or a trouble maker which could result in termination. What you produce in terms of volume and quality is of vital importance to a business. By injecting a more human feel your employees may feel less stressed thereby making them want to be more productive. The one variable in this is the almighty dollar. A high base salary along with regular raises along with other incentives may reduce an employee need for a different environment even though that is the most optimal feeling.



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