What About Real Gamechange?

A Gamechange happens some time after one person in interactions with others passes on a meme ( a word coined by Richard Dawkins in “The Selfish Gene” ) comprising perhaps just a sketchy idea for something which will eventually change the world.

In multiple interactions that follow those initial interactions more and more people effectively will participate in modifications to that original meme that contribute to its evolution into a fully-fledged New Concept that changes the world. The successful New Concept can become so strong that it effectively gains a life of its own with the power to influence the future actions of many including even those who participated in its creation.

Before the internet, the evolution of a Meme into a New Concept could take years because of the lack of any early interactions with the right people. Indeed many potential game-changes would have been stillborn because no such interactions ever took place. If I had a brilliant idea  I had only a small audience with whom  I could readily communicate. That small audience might contain no one who would spread the Gospel.

The Internet itself is an example of a Meme that Evolved into a Concept that has influenced most people in the world in a material way.

One version of the raison d’etre for creation of the Internet was to satisfy the need to coordinate research worldwide that would aid the creation of the first supercollider at CERN in Switzerland. The idea was to ensure speedy interactions with and between many people globally on matters that might be relevant to the achievement of this particular objective. Once created the Internet itself proved to be a Gamechanger aiding the speedier evolution of diverse memes on a multitude of subjects into New Concepts that in aggregate have disrupted most activities.

Business Owners have always ignored change at their peril. Change by definition always has disrupted the existing order.

Pre-internet where change often took decades businesses could prevaricate on a decision as to whether or not to try to embrace the change in progress. Gradual change was easier then to digest and quite often did not feel that disruptive.

What is needed by all businesses is to be made clearly aware of the nature of coming changes as early as possible.

Nowadays change aided by the internet can be speedy, global and massively disruptive. Those promoting the change may make fortunes but the disruption also results in many businesses falling by the wayside. A new product or service can go from meme to successful worldwide distribution in a fraction of the time it would have taken previously with a totally new business model. What is needed by all businesses is to be made clearly aware of the nature of coming changes as early as possible. They would then have the chance to embrace the changes and modify their business strategy accordingly in order to mitigate detrimental consequences and if possible to benefit from the changes. This involvement need not necessarily impede the Gamechanger. Awareness could be the Catalyst to those potentially disrupted working with innovators and other engineers of the change and as s result perhaps influencing for the better its very nature. In this way otherwise, mainly disruptive change can become to a great extent constructive for the world

To me, it seems that the BizCatalyst 360° platform is the source of that awareness via information written, spoken or visual that it provides on an ever-expanding range of subjects received from an ever-expanding number of sources and which it distributes to an ever-expanding number of businesses. Extending from this platform,  NGAGE Café is becoming an interactive venue where this awareness can be part of the process for converting memes into New Concepts which still are disruptive but in a more constructive way.

Overwhelmed By Social Media Clutter? – Let’s Return To Real Engagement

These initial interactions should lead naturally to demands for Flash Forums, Flash Webinars and Flash Seminars where both those providing the awareness and those recognizing the need to become involved in the evolution can meet to discuss the changes. From this body of people, Mentors will naturally emerge to help those requiring to be mentored. Some of the parties involved in the change see these these events as really positive and become their sponsors. Flash Seminars will be transmitted to subsidiary locations with local attendees and be contemporaneously online globally.

This will inevitably disrupt the existing seminar model where events and their subject matters and panel are planned months ahead since flash demand will be for ways to discuss now the specific subjects that need to be addressed by them now with an appropriate panel.

Contrast all this with what happened historically where almost by chance most learnt of change only directly or indirectly from the news – broadcast or published – but where they were not sufficiently conveyed the nature of the change and likelihood of any potential impact on their businesses.  Indeed the news if received may well have given an unclear or misleading understanding of the nature of the change. Even if some awareness of its potential impact had been gained, the businessman usually  did not know where to go for help and may have just felt helpless and just hoped for the best

BC360° is not only becoming a constructive disruptive Gamechanger in its own activity of the dissemination of information and consequent interactions  between providers of and recipients of such information  but also will prove to be  a catalyst to game-changing  in the industries of  providers and recipients.


Clive Russell
Clive Russell
CLIVE currently serves as Joint President of Russell Business LLC (“RB”), which is the collective name for a community of synergistic and complementary activities and businesses encompassing the International Property Market. RB is engaged in business activities that combine cutting-edge structured finance and technology geared to maximize returns from various sectors, including residential and commercial property, hotels and energy-related assets. Over the years, Clive’s forte’ has been the ability to develop and/or identify “below the radar” concepts, strategies and opportunities ripe for leveraging and ultimate success.

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