What About Fragility?

Fragility, which almost seems like an out-of-order currency, a vanished language, a useless thermometer of weakness, is actually very modern. In times when we need not only to share, but also to show kindness, responsibility towards others. From the close relative to the neighbor, from the man and the woman who, with children, come from far away, to whom we have beside us, by choice or duty, every single day.

Fragile is considered (and is) the opposite of strong, except to discover, as some revolutions also teach, that it is not the fragile that always loses.

Rather. Fragility can give greatness to the inspiration of a poet (do you remember the immortality of Giacomo Leopardi?) As it can be the lever of a creative and revolutionary force. Provided that it does not turn into resignation and sloth.

Everything is fragile. From an idea, of which we were convinced to arrogance and arrogance, to a feeling that fades with the wear of time. From a hope, without which we lack the oxygen of utopia, of dream, of the impossible translated into possible, of a certainty, which collapses under the blows of a breath, especially if it has weak bases. From the joy, we dream of as unattainable, to the pain, to the sadness that comes to us without warning. Everything is fragile, but our strength, as an American philosopher and writer wrote, “matures from weakness”. From the virtue, all to be rediscovered, of fragility.

Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo Delli Paoli
After classical studies and the Bachelor Degree in Law, I have had experience of teaching law and economics in high school, completed the legal and notarial practice, admitted to the lawyer bar since 1975, I worked as a civil lawyer for about 4 years. In 1970 I joined General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Italy, the financing company of General Motors, where I made different kinds of experience serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member (credit collection, district manager, retail contract acquisition, wholesale and retail credit risk manager, recruitment and training of Human Resources, analysis and management of corporate law issues, new branch development, introduction of flexibility tools and outsourcing, partnership projects - SAAB, Subaru - Quality Council, Units relations, branch closures, analysis and restructuring of organizational processes, compliance, change management. In December 2004 I retired maintaining the role of an external member of the Board and head of the Vigilance Committee up to April 2008. I collaborated with the magazine "Autoperator" on financial services matters, to Corriere della Sera & Sole 24Ore on any labor matters.
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Len Bernat

Great article, Aldo, that shines a light on your vast experience and knowledge of personal interactions. Thanks for sharing.

Maureen Y. Nowicki

I really liked Len’s comment Aldo and your piece. Fragile is an underused term today and you have illuminated and made me think of the value, the inherent possibility of strength, and the expansiveness of what around is truly fragile – and that is, yes, everything!

Larry Tyler

Great story, Aldo, without fragility there would be no kindness. Strong Ink my friend.

Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Took delight in reading especially the last paragraph. Life all around can be fragile, is fragile.

Joel Elveson

Aldo this article proves that you are every bit the writer I thought you were. GREAT JOB!

Kathleen Hendrickson

I appreciate your thoughts, Aldo. Allowing the fragility to be felt, to be acknowledged, can be a pivot point for moving forward in strength.


We need civility more than ever these days. And we need people like Aldo who have great ideas, communicate them extremely well and engage people in a positive way.


Thank You Mohammed.
Too generous of you!



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