We’ve Lost The Culture War

A Closer Look at the Culture

John Enlow’s book, “The Seven Mountain Prophecy,” provides a useful way to analyze the extent to which we have lost the culture. In it, he describes the “seven mountains” of culture. (2) Let’s look at each to determine the depth and breadth of the loss.

We’ve lost the ‘mountain of celebration.’  That’s the name for the element of society which contains what we may more commonly call “Arts and Entertainment.”  In 2012, the top three bestselling books of the year were the pornographic “Fifty Shades of Grey Series,” followed by a series by the author of “Hunger Games,” where teenagers are pitted against each other in a futuristic gladiator contest. (3)

Speaking of pornography, it is now so pervasive in our society that it is available with one or two clicks from everyone’s computer, tablet, or smartphone.  The trend among teens and pre-teen girls is to send naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends, a practice known as “sexting.”  It seems that every celebrity has a “sex tape” of themselves making the rounds on the internet.  It is almost like a rite of passage in Hollywood.

Media and the Lost Culture

Christians are routinely portrayed in main-stream movies and TV shows as buffoons.  The national media, from the highly-sexualized sitcoms to the late-night talk show hosts, all project an attitude that Christians are a simple-minded, highly prejudiced underclass.

Video games, those things with which pre-teens and teens spend hours, are increasingly violent.  The most popular games all seem to involve stealing cars, shooting bad guys, or slicing up monsters.  Our children become calloused to violence by the countless hours tuned in to these fantasies.  Then, some of them go out and kill children and other teens before turning their violence on themselves.  Mass killings by teenagers seem to be a growing trend, and our schools are more violent and less safe than the streets. (4)

An Objective Perspective of Our Lost Culture

Let’s try to be objective about this.  Suppose a visitor from outer space arrived here, with the mission to observe the culture and report back on its major trends and influences.  This alien visitor had no preconceived notions, and no background to color his observations.

Our alien visitor, looking objectively at the output of our TV, movies, and news stations would make the observation that Christianity has no serious role in any of this, and was, in fact, a minor sub-culture of underclass simpletons.

Lost Family Culture

In the mountain of “families,” living together outside of marriage is now the expectation for young couples.  According to one source, “The number of cohabitating unmarried couples increased by 88 percent between 1990 and 2007” (5).  Now, 48 percent of women cohabitate with a man as their “first union.” (6) Traditional marriage is on the outs.  One estimate puts the likelihood of divorce at between 50 percent and 74 percent. (7)  The former President of the United States is now advocating gay marriage, and a number of states have approved it.  According to researcher David Kinnaman, writing in “unChristian,”

“Currently more than one-third of children born in the United States are born to unmarried mothers; in 1960 the ratio was just one out of twenty births.  In some American metropolitan areas, as many as two-thirds of all infants are born to unmarried women.”  5 (8)

Lost Educational Culture

In the world of “education,” our schools, which were originally designed to promote the reading and studying of the Bible, have pretty much swept any vestiges of Christianity from the curriculums and practices and replaced it with the religion of secular humanism.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).  In the place of this foundational cornerstone of Christianity, our schools now promote “diversity”.

According to Michael J. Metarko, writing in Indoctrination,

“With 90 percent of Christians still sending their children into this statist educational system, I need to be brutally direct. According to current research, if you send your child to public school, you WILL most likely lose your child to the secular humanistic worldview. In two reports to the Southern Baptist Convention, T.C. Pinckney found that 70– 88 percent of evangelical teens will leave the faith within two years of graduating from high school. 11 The fatal combination of secular education and the lack of true biblical discipleship is reflected in separate studies by the Barna Group and Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group. They found that one-third of twenty-somethings who were churched as teens have disengaged spiritually. Over ‘60 percent of the children that grow up in our churches will leave them as they reach the threshold of young adulthood.’ 12 We are losing more children much younger than previously thought: 83 percent of those surveyed started doubting the Bible in middle school and high school.” (9)

Lost Political Culture

In the sphere of “politics,” our political parties have become so extreme that it appears they rarely speak to one another, compromise rarely happens, and the federal government is on a path to replace the providential role of God and Christian benevolence. The federal deficit is the largest in human history. As the political parties gather more and more power to themselves in Washington D.C., the stage is being set for a dictator to seize total political power.  If our current trends continue, I expect to see the end of democracy in the US within 20 years, and a dictator takes its place.

More people now receive food stamps than at any other time in history.  According to Mitt Romney’s often quoted comment, 47 percent of the population are now dependent upon the federal government for at least a portion of their livelihood.  The Christian concept of “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10) has been smothered in the tidal wave of endless unemployment benefits, Medicaid, food stamps, and government handouts of countless varieties.

Our alien observer, reporting back to his supervisors on his observations of American culture, would not use the word “Christian” to describe any element of it.  It just would not be a significant enough factor to even be noticed by the objective outside observer.

In one generation, we’ve lost the culture.

We’ve spent $530 billion, we haven’t grown a percentage point, and we’ve lost the culture.  Clearly, something is terribly wrong. Shouldn’t we question this?

Something is terribly wrong.  It’s time we asked some questions.  More of the same is not the solution.

Read the rest of the book.  Check it out here


Dave Kahle
Dave Kahle
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  1. Interesting article Dave. As a lapsed Catholic I write about my ex-religion from time to time. What you are describing is a shrinking entity, and in this article you attribute it to ‘Greed, sex, power, and secular humanism’. I think that the last item on your list is probably the most telling. I left the church because I had simply outgrown the need to believe in a god that was personified. I much preferred to believe in a more abstract notion, and that was that God was simply everything. Every planet, every star, every life form.
    It was not created it just always was. And it was constantly evolving through millions of years. I found I could get my head around that, and I also knew a lot of people who could too. We opted out of religion and into spiritualism. To someone with a deep belief in Christ, this may sound pretty strange. But I settled on it very early on in my life and have carried it with me for a long time. Certainly religion taught me a lot about right and wrong, but if I hadn’t been part of the Catholic faith, or any faith, I would likely have learned it somewhere else. I think more and more people are simply embracing secular humanism. They carry their own version of their religion around in their heads, and they make their life decisions based on rational thought. They try to do good whenever they can. And they understand that whatever happens after their life is through is something they can never know, and that’s the incentive to make their life as fulfilling as it can be. I lucked out and found my fulfillment through writing, and I use it to help people in different ways, mostly business, but also on the personal level. A person of faith will probably disagree with this view of life. But as my dad was, who was an inveterate gambler, was fond of saying…Differences of opinion are what make horse races.

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