Well Equipped: Small Office Expenses That You Shouldn’t Neglect

When it comes to equipping a small business, many business owners go straight to the big items. For example, they’ll think about buying computers, office chairs, desks, coffee machines and water dispensers, but do they think about things like ink cartridges for the printer, stationery for writing, and coffee grounds to make coffee with? To some degree, yes, but a lot of people neglect these everyday supplies and eventually completely forget to add them to the weekly shopping list.

While it seems small, not having enough ink in the printer or not having coffee to fuel your staff can quickly cause problems. Not only does it affect your staff members and their ability to work, but you might have to spend extra money to get speedy delivery to avert the crisis. To prevent those situations happening in the future, take a good look at these following points and never forget these office essentials.

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Printer Ink

As mentioned before, printers are incredibly important. An empty printer means that you won’t be able to print off many documents which slow down your entire business to a halt. You aren’t going to make it far as a business if you can’t even supply your equipment with their necessary items and maintenance costs, so make it a habit of checking the printer ink and always having extras should something happen.

Identity Holders

Whether you have security systems that involve ID cards or guest passes for your business clients to use, don’t neglect a solid set of ID card holders. ID Holders from Dynamic Gift can be bought in bulk so that it’s a one-time purchase that doesn’t need replacing very often, and it adds a layer of professionalism when it comes to equipping your staff with the right tools and accessories to look the part. Instead of forcing them to hold their ID cards in their wallets or hands, buy them some simple ID card holders so that they are never lost and there’s no excuse to forget them at home or drop them.

Source: Pexels

Pens and Pencils

Although digital mediums are seeing more and more use, we can’t neglect the fact that we still use pens and pencils on a regular basis. Bulk-buying, however, often doesn’t work very well because pen ink can get dried out, staff members might take your stock for granted, and before you know it that 100 pack of pens you bought will quickly disappear into the pockets of forgetful staff members and thrown around the floor because they’re disposable.

Additional Cables and Peripherals

When a keyboard breaks, it spells disaster. You can’t use alternate input methods for a computer, and unless you want staff members to be unplugging and switching around computer parts because theirs don’t work, then it will be wise to carry some additional peripherals that are prone to breaking. This includes mice, keyboards, mouse pads and even headphones.

You may as well take this a step further and buy a couple of additional cables and bits of equipment that make your daily life easier. Power cables, USB cables and ethernet cables are good examples of equipment that can easily break but are critical to your office.

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