Well-Being at Work and Home

Gallup has recently released the continued global rise of unhappiness within the workplace.

‘Stress among the world’s workers reached an all-time high — again.

Whether employees are stressed because of work or their stress is carrying over into work, one thing is clear: The world’s employees are feeling even more stressed than they did in 2020 (the previous all-time high).

  • 44% percent of employees experienced a lot of daily stress in the previous day.
  • Almost half of the world’s workers felt the burden of stress.
  • Working women in the U.S. and Canada region were among the most stressed employees globally.’

Three mantras that can keep people stuck in negative thinking and being disengaged at work:

  1. “Living for the weekend”
  2. “Watching the clock tick”
  3. “Work is just a paycheck”

Finding the balance in life can be challenging, I get it. I can struggle at times too. Sometimes it seems that when I should be enjoying a certain season of life, because there is less to manage, my mindset can be the most challenging. For instance, Tuesday, May 25th, I was digging rhubarb out of my garden, something that I could do in my sleep, and yet this time it had me falling backwards landing on our gravel driveway breaking both of my arms. In a split second, my whole life personally and professionally went on pause. I had decisions to make. How was I going to live out my healing process? Would I be proud of myself or would I suffer through? Also, if I was going to choose to suffer, most likely others around me would suffer too.

The domino effect of suffering is similar to the domino effect of mismanaging stress.

So what did I choose? I chose peace. For six to eight weeks,  I was forced to sit for lengthy periods of time. Every day my husband graciously helped me in so many ways. A few were simply getting in and out of bed, feeding me, and making our morning coffee that I drank through a straw. We figured out a new routine and we laughed often. I chose to look for ways to be appreciative and do what little I could do for work and help around the house. I prayed often for the desire to walk out each day being committed with peace so that when I looked back at this season I could be proud of myself. Our stress stayed lower, we were happier, and my healing process went well. Your mindset makes an impact in managing stress for yourself, others, and the world in living a flourishing life.

Being committed with a peaceful mindset is important, because your health and well-being matter, along with the health and well-being of others; your family, friends, colleagues, community, and the world.

And He said, “Oh child greatly loved, peace be with you; be strong and of good courage.” -Daniel 10:19

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Sara Thingvold
Sara Thingvoldhttps://www.sarathingvold.com/
Sara owns her own business; Sara Thingvold, Professional LLC. She began coaching and training others when she was a sophomore in high school and started her own company in 2009. She is committed to encouraging and equipping leaders to develop their servant leadership and emotional intelligence capabilities at home and work. She began professionally collaborating with Mark Deterding, Triune Leadership Services in the spring of 2018. Sara is married to her husband Greg and together they have two wonderful young adult children, one son, and one daughter. Visit her website at Sara Thingvold.