Wedding Invitation: What Details Should I Put?

A wedding is a very important life occasion. This is when two people announce to the world their intention to get married. From the cake to the dress to the location and the honeymoon, each detail needs to be right when planning a wedding. One of the most important of all details is the wedding invitation. A wedding invitation is a much-anticipated piece of mail. This is the formal announcement that the wedding is going to take place. This is why all couples need to think carefully about the kind of wedding invitation they’re going to send out. They need to consider the materials they’re going to use. The couple also needs to think about exactly what they are going to put on the wedding invitation. This means paying careful attention to exactly what’s going on the invite before they send it out to their awaiting guests.

Couple’s Name

One of the most important details for any wedding invitation are the names involved in the wedding. A woman may have spent time thinking about the name she wants to use when she gets married. It’s also useful to think about the other names on the invitation. For example, the bride’s parents may be paying in part for the wedding. Their names should be on the invitation. If the bride has a stepfather and he’s giving her away or her father is deceased, she might want to list his full name and the name of her mom as well as her late father. The groom’s parents should also be listed on the invitation. If the groom has relatives who are deceased, the person who is sponsoring the marriage should be listed on the invitation. For example, if an uncle is taking the place of the groom’s father, the uncle should be listed on the invitation.

The Location

The location should be front and center when it comes to any kind of wedding invitation planning. This is why the couple should not send out invitations until they’ve decided on a location and a date. Confirming both is very important in order to get everything in motion. Even if the location is one that is well known and local, the couple should make sure the details are correct when sending out the invitation. It should also be carefully read before sending it out. For example, if the couple is holding the wedding in a church, there may be lots of churches with similar names in the area. The couple should make sure the best online printing services are printing out the exact name of the location. Many weddings have a separate location for the wedding and another one for the reception. Each location should be specified in the invitation. For example, the invitation might indicate the service is to take place in one area and then state the exact name of the reception location.

Directions to the Places

Directions to all places should be spelled out in detail. Even if Google maps has directions, it’s still best to add any additional details to help people find the places in question. For example, the couple might want to add familiar landmarks and indicate exactly where the guests should enter the chapel. They might also want to indicate that parking is available and that valet service will be on hand to ease the transition to the location. If the location is an urban one, they might want to put in details such as nearby transit lines that help people get within walking distance.


An RSVP is when people ask others to respond to the invitation as soon as possible. Ideally, the rsvp should indicate if the person is coming to the party. The couple should include a card inside the invitation. This card should have a stamp and their personal home address. The goal is to allow the guests to be able to respond to the invitation easily and quickly. The bride and groom should let their guests now the deadline for responding. An ideal invitation with an RSVP is one that allows the guests at least several weeks to respond. All couples should keep in mind that the invitations may take at least a week to arrive. This is why it is a good idea to allow guests at least a month’s leeway before the date of the wedding. It’s a good idea to create a master guest list. As the indications are received, the couple will have a good idea of how many people are going to come to their wedding.

Information About Presents

A couple can expect to receive lots of wedding presents. These can be a boon that let the couple start off with much of what they need in order to set up their new household. At the same time, couples may already have significant fiscal assets. In that case, they might want to indicate they would prefer to have the guests donate to charity instead. The wedding invitation makes a good place to tell this to guests. A couple can indicate a specific charity they support or provide a longer list of charities that appeal to them and have personal meaning in their lives. For example, if the couple has adopted a pet, they can ask guests to donate to that shelter on their behalf.

Additional Details

The wedding invitation is another chance to indicate all sorts of useful details. For example, the couple can indicate the kind of dress they expect from guests. A less formal wedding may only require casual dress. The wedding invitation can have a line about the kind of dress that guests should wear. It can also indicate to guests any dress code in the ceremonial location. Many churches require all those who enter to wear a certain kind of shoes, cover their heads and keep their limbs covered. The invitation can make this clear to all wedding guests.

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