Weathering of Problems

We all face problems or make our own problems by reacting wrongly to the problems we encounter.

We feel like rocks falling on our hearts. We lose self-control and behave erratically.

We have different hearts. Some people have hard hearts like a hard rock. Other people have soft hearts like soft rocks.

Removing the rocks of problems can be challenging. How can we deal best with problems that we face without making them harder to deal with and creating even harder problems?

Our limiting beliefs and biases are rocky problems that preclude us from thinking wisely by questioning their validity.

The Rock Metaphor

Rocks weather in different ways. These include physical weathering, chemical weathering, and biological weathering.

It occurred to me that we could do the same with our problems and wring beliefs and fake biases. All rocks are subject to weathering and all our problems are subject to weathering.

Cycles of hot and cold temperatures make rocks expand and contract. These cracks host water. The water freezes and expands and thus widening the cracks. This accelerates the weathering of the rock.

We can extend this analogy to our rock-like problems. Come hot at the problem then chill it by staying away from it. Do this a few times and the problem shall develop cracks. Let the waters of new ideas flow in these cracks. Freeze those watery ideas by sleeping on them and heat this water again with hot ideas. The cracks in the problem shall expand and weather the problem. The problem is now manageable to solve and to wash away the irrelevant parts of it.

You may wish to grind the problem. Some chemicals lubricate are efficient in lubricating rocks and facilitate their grinding with less energy. The lubricant separates the grains of the rock and loosens them. It is easier now to grind the rock.

You can do the same. For example, you present a new idea and you meet rejection from experts as they mock your idea. Their rejection is as hard as a granite rock is. Have proofs and visual presentations to “lubricate” their minds and grind their rejections. Read the stories of accomplished people and how they dealt with rejection to learn from their experiences. They did not lose hope. They kept experimenting with different approaches until they found the lubricating evidence that cracked the stone-like rejections.

The roots of plants find their way in a rock and crack it. You too can direct the roots of the rejection to crack the rejection.

Rached ALIMI wrote a comment in which he stated, “The most passionate love brings two beings together less than slander. Inseparable, the slanderer and the calumniated constitute a “transcendent” unity; they are forever linked to each other. Nothing can separate them. One does evil, the other suffers it, but he suffers it precisely because he is addicted to it, he cannot do without it”.

I hope that the rocks metaphor would help in separating the unity of the slander and the calumniate.

Ali Anani
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My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.