We Make a Life by What We Give

The inclination towards selfishness and individualism is really taking off, to the detriment of solidarity and help towards those close to us. It is time to stop and backtrack, rejecting the concepts of selfishness and greed to focus on others, on others, on people, on real life, to do good to others

Helping others makes you happy: knowing that you have made a difference for a person, making someone’s life better without expecting anything in return, are truly rewarding experiences! In order not to die inside, to rediscover dialogue and generosity, to revive the lost virtues, to rejoice, to run profitably, to share, to smile, to be solar, to love.

It is not a heavy sacrifice to help or to open up to others, but it is a wonderful gesture of growth and expression of our humanity and first of all true spirituality.

Each of us is on this planet to make our own contribution and try to make the reality in which he lives better than he found it.

We all have immense gifts to offer and we can make the existence of those around us extraordinary and at the same time grow as individuals who are finally loving, complete and responsible. Life is a wonderful miracle and sharing it with others makes it even more amazing and full of profound meaning.

Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo is a lawyer and teacher of law & Economic Sciences, "lent" to the finance world. He has worked, in fact, 35 years long for a multinational company of financial service in the auto sector, where he held various roles, until that of CEO. In the corporate field, he has acquired skills and held positions as Credit Manager, Human Resource Manager, Team leader for projects of Acquisition & Merger, branch opening, company restructuring, outplacement, legal compliance, analysis and innovation of organizational processes, business partnerships, relations with Trade Unions and Financial Control Institutions. After leaving the company, he continued as an external member of the Board of Directors e, at the same time, he has gone back practicing law and was a management consultant for various companies. He has been also a columnist for newspapers specializing in labor law, automotive services and work organization. His interests include human behavior in the organizational environment, to the neuroscience, the impact of new technologies, the fate of the planet and people facing poverty or war scenarios. He loves traveling, reading, is passionate about many sports, follows the NBA and practices tennis.
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Len Bernat

Aldo – Wonderful words of life – what joy we would experience if everyone took your words to heart. Thank you for sharing this, my friend.

Maureen Nowicki
Maureen Nowicki

Oh Aldo, reading your story made my morning. I am so with you, it takes small gestures to contribute on this planet. Like giving up your seat on a bus, opening the door for a pregnant lady at the store, even just telling someone that you love them. Selflessness is so underrated. The act of doing selfless deeds does contribute to the energy of the world we live in in such a magnificent way. Have a great weekend, Aldo and keep up the awesome work!

Paula Goodman

Wow…this simply amazing. I’m so grateful of this piece! I believe we all have something to offer…we just don’t always know what it is… but when we get “switched on” and see what it is…we dive in and do it compellingly. This is my thought…I’ve been writing for years…now I’ve been sharing and am so profoundly moved by the response… it was just an inner voice telling me “ it’s Time”. And so I went with it….I believe in signs too.l.. to and reading this is a sign to me. I’m doing the right thing. Thank you so much! Just uplifting to read this. Have a wonderful weekend.

Noemi Zarb

How beautifully you expressed the joy of giving and giving freely without any expectation of recompense. We all need to sing your words in this increasingly ‘ME, ME, ME’ world. Thank you, Aldo, for sharing your wisdom.

Cassandra Tindal

When we come to realize how amazing the miracle of life, and the gifts they process. Then we understand how important it is for us to let the gifts and miracles shine in us.

Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller

Aldo, I totally agree with you. Sadly, most people do not understand their own value in this world. If people could only see how divinely important they are to the totality of the human experience, they would surely do more. The question I ponder often is how can we get this message across to everyone?

Laura Staley

Oh, so beautiful and eloquently shared, Aldo! Thank you so much for the gift of this reminder! Yes, we are here to give our lives away in love and service because what an amazing blessing to do so! Your words remind me so much of the messages of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who encouraged the very same thing. We have nothing coming in and nothing when we die. In that dash between those birth and death dates remains the opportunity to live generously, to share our appreciation, our kindness, our love with one another. No money involved in being kind, compassionate, in deep listening to the heart of another person. I love the message here! “Life is a wonderful miracle and sharing it with others makes it even more amazing and full of profound meaning.” Yes! Yes! Yes!!

Larry Tyler

I love this my friend. It is important that we make a difference. If not us then who???

Jeff Ikler
Jeff Ikler

Well said, Aldo: “Helping others makes you happy: knowing that you have made a difference for a person…”


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