We Are Not Able

Someone told me: “The world disappointed me. I say this with calm in all conscience” – All I can tell you is that if I hadn’t taken what I wanted in my life, by hook or by crook … I mean if it was up to the world … had the matter been left in their hands, I would have ended up in a sewer … I’d be in the sewer, my friend … ’cause … the world never gives anything to anyone … and … ain’t never had anyone to give me sh**.”

Well … Yeah … I can’t blame him … I can think of many things … but apart from the ethical concerns … I can’t blame him …

The matter is a lot more complicated than we think …

Life in itself, is not important to human beings, as a species, except on an individual level. There are really few people in the world who can think globally, who can think of the fate of all and not just about their small backyard. This limit is rooted in human nature. It is precisely for this reason that I think we’re nothing but biological entities, like animals. It’s only that we have that strange “fire of the intellect” more than them … which allows us to abstract concepts, which is something I never really understood where it genetically comes from. All I know is that we rely on superstitions maybe because we’re smart enough to know we don’t have all the answers …

Anyway … as for me … I’m irrelevant … I can only say that I did it all by myself, and when I did that, the world somehow rewarded me … or maybe I should say … I rewarded myself on my own because that’s the truth – if I hadn’t … if it hadn’t been for me … the world wouldn’t give a fuc**** sh** about me like I didn’t exist like I was invisible. It happened to me and it always happened to everyone. It’s the human condition. Something we can’t get out of. Maybe things will be different in the future. Maybe. I hope so.

When they say: “Oh but the world owed you nothing” … that’s wrong. I see it very differently, guys – In my view, that’s profoundly wrong because that means that there is no such thing as a global consciousness. Everybody’s so desensitized to the life of others and the world conditions – from everything small to everything large. That’s why so much suffering in the world … in every way and all aspects.

I see nothing but … you know … it seems like what happens in our culture is a sort of attitude: “you’re going to have to believe whatever wild-eyed, cockamamie excuse the people have the nerve to offer you” … yeah … especially the powerful …

We are always thinking of bullsh** … we are always thinking of petty things … except when it comes to death … because when we realize that death could come at any time, we are much less likely to fight and argue over petty things.

Small humans … me included. Let alone if we are able to join forces against global threats.

Yeah … we are not able to face global existential threats. We are amply demonstrating our inadequacy and our divisions right now with Covid – Covid-19 is terrible and is a global threat but in my view does not represent an existential threat to the survival of our species. I think, there are bigger things to fear. Things that are present right now. Things that really constitute existential threats capable of wiping out mankind. Covid-19 is just a little taste of what a deadly global threat can cause to humanity.

It is evident that at the moment we are light years away from an awareness of the need for the capability of organizing planetary cooperation in order to meet adequately the challenges of global threats. I’m not just talking about Covid. I am talking about problems that could lead to extinction because they have the potential to cripple permanently our standard of living or even kill us all, although, I think, maybe … I say maybe, they would leave a few of us still alive. I don’t know …

Threats such as climate change, that can make life impossible on this planet … or the unsustainable … wild use of essential resources like forests, seafood, topsoil, fresh water and so on … or the consequences of the huge differences in standard of living between the world’s peoples, or even within same ethnic groups, which can destabilize our globalized existence.

Sorry … but despite my inborn optimism … I think we’re heading down a dark path now … Call me crazy but in my view, things are getting pretty twisted around here … I can see the slippery slope from here. I feel it inside me … I only see denial … denial … again and again … no matter the topic … but denial is to deny common sense in the face of evidence. Unfortunately, when human beings deny the facts … they can’t face anything … least of all, find a cure.

The truth is that we are many … we are too many … global resources are starting to running very low … and to make matters worse, on one side I see that the old continent appears to be a series of islands … in which everyone thinks for themselves … I see a superpower across the ocean babbling … weakened by internal divisions and political mismanagement in the last four years … and I see other two superpowers … really threatening … one in eastern Europe … the other in the Far East … hankerin’ to … take over. Heaven forbid!

Politics, throughout the world, once again is proving to be basically concerned with itself, not with people.

All the more reason most of them have no interest at all in taking care of unpopular topics … so … there is no such thing as a global consciousness. Finding really great people in politics is rare, let alone true leaders! – And if there are any … they are always thwarted and hampered. It even seems that to understand the difference between right and wrong … good and evil … it’s kind of a lightweight now. It has become irrelevant, you know, everywhere. Sorry but it seems that many in the human race like to wallow in the sh**, that’s why sometimes I’m ashamed to belong to humanity.

And here we are, with this dear Covid-19 … which is nevertheless a global threat. Our answer? It’s every country for itself! As if you could create a no-fly zone for the virus … come on … that’s just ridiculous. Not to mention … first me …. no me …. no first me … or …. this amount of vaccine is mine … no it’s mine … no it’s mine … I’ll sue you … and idiotic stuff like that … Of course, all this is absurd and runs counter to every common sense.

I think that humanity … I mean the peoples of the world should strengthen unity with one another and join forces to present a united front to face global deadly threats.  They don’t … they are doing exactly the opposite – and they are wearing me out with all their bullsh** – and I guess I’m not the only one.

All I can see is that the time of every human’s life is limited. Mine and yours included. Everyone has a sacred right to enjoy life. You don’t live twice – so … let’s make what we can … let’s make our contribution for the better, whatever it is … but at the end of the day, you all and I, should enjoy our life, or what’s left of it. Before the wave of this incomprehensible world overwhelms us. But if we allow everything to come down to … everyone against everyone … in the most complete blindness, it will be fairly unlikely, ladies and gentlemen.

So … please, if there are more enlightened people … let’s give them a hand … if we think we have something really smart to say … let’s do it! Because If we ignore the reality of the world and spend our time talking about countless trivial things or unilateral … we are burying our heads in the sand and this won’t lead us to anything.

Let’s make ourselves heard and maybe we will make it! Let’s do it for our children and our grandchildren and the children of our grandchildren! Let’s leave a better world for future generations!


Thank you!


Massimo Scalzo
Massimo Scalzo
YOU MIGHT SAY that Massimo advises big and small companies, entrepreneurs and individuals on how to craft digital strategies that get tangible results from their tactics. Which is true. You might even agree with few german managers who called him “gute schlepper” (good tugboat in English) because of his inner strenght of pulling people toward visionary and positive goals. However, neither of these statements would be completely true. The truth is that from his childhood, Massimo was fed and watered to be someone who relates to people, is constructive, multilingual, loves the life and looks at the future. And the most amazing thing that came out of his attitude is the ability of conveying the same feeling to others For nearly twenty eight years he traveled and worked in management consulting in eight countries. His thoughts, notions, ideas, speaking engagements come from more than thirteen years as an entrepreneur and fourteen plus “on the road” for Touche & Ross, Deloitte and PricewaterHouse. On his path, he learned a great deal about customer-driven strategy and transformation, digital marketing and design thinking, working on behalf of a-z roster of clients, e.g. IBM, BMW, Frost & Sullivan, SAP, Oracle, Fiat, Salesforce, Accenture, OpenMinds and many other SMEs in several countries and industries. Massimo lives (as much as he can) in the greater Frankfurt area in Germany. He loves his two kids, Massimo and Amelka, more than anything else.

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